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  1. Just bought 2020 Si coupe for my son.

    Huh? Clutch delay valves and dual-mass flywheels are more of a rule than an exception.
  2. Someone decided to break my fog lights

    The Ridgeline uses a similar style of fog light and they shatter regularly. All it takes is one direct hit from a pebble from a leading or approaching vehicle or gravel truck. I just replaced one of mine a few weeks ago.
  3. Just bought 2020 Si coupe for my son.

    Let's hope this doesn't happen! Two weeks after purchase, an 18 year-old crashed his Civic Si coupe into a house after traveling 103 MPH in a 35 MPH zone while drunk and high. It cost him 3-6 years and $96,000.
  4. Just bought 2020 Si coupe for my son.

    You should have bought him some shoes instead of a car. @Icebear, I'm 40-something and can't get enough of We Bare Bears!
  5. Came out to this crap.....

    Way back in '94, I was T-boned in a parking lot by a guy who was cutting through it to avoid an intersection. Despite the fact that he hit me, had expired registration, and unrestrained children in the vehicle, he was not ticketed. Why? The police said he was on private property. Thankfully, he...
  6. Offical "Si Dealer Naughty List" thread

    It's true that cars aren't being delivered. Honda shut down all North American production on March 23. They've extended the shutdowns multiple times since then. They're currently scheduled to restart on May 11 - that's over 7 weeks of zero Honda production. Unprecedented. On the other side of...
  7. Defective Clutch 2017 Honda Civic Si - Honda Refuses to fix under warranty

    Best of luck with whatever you trade for. I can tell you first hand that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. On more than one occasion, I've personally stepped out of the frying pan and into the fire and know of others who have as well.
  8. Price increase for access to Honda service information

    I can't think of any automakers right off hand who still offer printed service manuals for new vehicles. Honda and most other powersports brands still offer printed service manuals, but automobiles have become so complex that printed service information is almost impractical. Have you seen some...
  9. Price increase for access to Honda service information

    The cost to learn more about your Honda or fix it yourself just went up...a lot.
  10. Electronic Parking Brake manual release?

    The dealer will use an HDS to enter and exit "brake pad maintenance mode" because it's much easier and faster. Without the HDS, you must remove the electronic parking brake actuator from the caliper and turn the spindle clockwise until it comes to a lock using an E11 Torx socket. After the pads...
  11. LogR Performance Data Recorder App launched for 2020 Civic Type R

    The audio-navigation unit is connected to both the B-CAN and F-CAN buses in all 10G Civics, so it is capable of accessing all sensor data in all models. One of the fundamental capabilities of Apple CarPlay is communication between CarPlay and other systems that communicate with the...
  12. Considering trading for an Accord Sport 2.0T 10AT

    The Civic Si may have better handling feel, but when it comes to actual performance numbers there's virtually no difference according to Car and Driver instrumented testing. The Accord also stops faster. 2018 Accord Sport 2.0T 6MT Zero to 60 mph: 6.1 sec Zero to 100 mph: 15.3 sec Zero to 120...
  13. Considering trading for an Accord Sport 2.0T 10AT

    It's the older 6-speed. The Ridgeline didn't move to the ZF 9HP until the 2020 model year. Indeed! Haha! The Si is as big as many mid-size family sedans. The Miata is nearly two-and-a-half...
  14. Considering trading for an Accord Sport 2.0T 10AT

    I've had the Miata for almost four months now and just passed 1,100 miles (it's a weekend toy). The more I drive it, the more I enjoy it. The Miata feels more special than the Si because there's nothing else quite like it except for the BMW Z4, but it's twice the price and there's not a big...
  15. 2017 Civic Si Instrumented Test Results (0-60, 1/4 Mile) [Car and Driver]

    0.97g is a pretty tenacious grip for a $25K stock car. That bests the latest Mazda MX-5 Miata with factory Summer performance tires by 0.07g!
  16. Service Employee Driving Type R

    It's Page Honda of Bloomfield.
  17. 2020 Type-R is in limbo

    That's interesting since the system is not designed to detect animals, trees, plastic garbage bins, or any other objects that are not metallic or shaped like a human figure.
  18. 2020 Type-R is in limbo

    Source for what? The 700 that @H3llsp4wn707 quoted in post #7 or the fact that each vehicle listed on each of the listing services in unique?, for example, currently lists 663 new Civic Type R's. If you click on each one, you'll see a unique VIN. If listed vehicles...
  19. 2020 Type-R is in limbo

    One. Each of those services do not serve as data sources for the others.
  20. 2020 Type-R is in limbo

    There's probably more than that since not all dealers submit their inventory data to sites like Mazda still hasn't announced the 2020 MX-5 Miata, either. The best information suggests that they're waiting for the remaining 2019's to sell down and for 2020's to actually deliver to...