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  1. Current owners: so who's upgrading?

    I really like what I have, and I'm not sure that I want to go through the new car roulette for a while.
  2. Looking at a used example with a few issues

    It won't count for much if it isn't a bumper to bumper warranty, and just a drivetrain warranty. I vote for "AVOID". If you're buying it just because it's cheaper, well it's cheaper for a reason.
  3. Trade my CTR for WRX, looking for opinions

    As a previous owner to a 2015 WRX that moved on to a CTR... I wouldn't recommend it. The fuel economy is about the same, the dashboard rattles are the same, the disappointing sound system is similar... But the suspension, the weight, gearing, rush hour traffic clutch work, etc... the CTR wins...
  4. How many miles on your Type-R?

    Purchased: 1/31/18 Miles: 12,823
  5. 2020 Boost Blue Pearl CTR

    Not to go off topic, but from what I understand a car in HK is considered a luxury, correct? But I certainly also hope that salaries on average are higher than CAN/US, because those prices are nuts.
  6. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Best thing you can do is honor that person by enjoying the hell out of that CTR. Congrats on a great find!
  7. Will the higher 2020 CTR MSRP impact the 17'-19 resale value in a few years?

    I would argue that ADM did have some impact on used car prices for a little while, since private and used sale prices were still over MSRP in certain areas after release. However it didn't have lasting impact so maybe I'm just being a tiny bit pedantic... :D Personally I'm still pleasantly...
  8. CTR wing removal / deletion solution

    The story on the Daytona/Superbird is awesome, and I love that wing and nose because of it. It's ugly, and it's great history. The CTR's wing doesn't exactly have that history, but I understand that it has a technical reason of being there, debatable or not. Also, I've been conditioned by the...
  9. Thoughts on this deal

    I'd pick the color that you'd most want for your car at that point. I'd personally be torn between CBP & SGP... leaning towards CBP because I love black! If I read what NapalmEnema wrote right, he meant that he'd pass on the door sills. (I also would)
  10. Refreshed 2020 Civic Type R, here it is!

    I've always like blue (hence me happily buying an ABM), and I love that lighter powder blue color as well. I'm curious what it's going to look like in person, up close though. I will not be selling my 2017 ABM for a 2020 BSB, however. It's not practical, and I'm not a fan of sensing or those...
  11. Honda Civic Type-R Over sticker dealer naughty list.

    I actually paid MSRP at their sister dealership a little further south, so I know they’ll do it. The mark-up was $10,000 on it when I got them to agree to cutting it and accessories.
  12. Honda Civic Type-R Over sticker dealer naughty list.

    Hahah, do it. I know they’ll come down on price if negotiated with, but the fact that they are starting so high is offensive.
  13. Honda Civic Type-R Over sticker dealer naughty list.

    I’m here at Riardon Honda in Burien, WA (outside Seattle) getting service, and they have a white CTR which surprised me. More to the point... That $28,000+ mark-up...
  14. Why does everyone say the Type R is slow?

    I'm laughing at your replies, but who hurt you on a forum? Point at this doll to show where:
  15. Phoenix Yellow 2020 Civic Type R facelift refresh model spotted testing at Nurburgring

    I mean I wouldn't be surprised if the dealer or parts department was inept, but they literally had the touch-up paint listed in their system as ABM with a part number to go grab, and the bottle with that part number said BSBM. They special ordered a touch up paint canister for ABM just in...
  16. Phoenix Yellow 2020 Civic Type R facelift refresh model spotted testing at Nurburgring

    What's funny is that BSBM & ABM are interchanged frequently when you discuss parts & paint with Honda dealers/parts departments (go ask for touch-up paint for ABM for instance). Despite being different colors on the chart above, I believe they are the same.
  17. Why does everyone say the Type R is slow?

    The "This was done in Mexico" is a thinly veiled attempt to keep the Internet Police from meeting the Real Police and having them show up at your door for street racing with proof... yes this is a little tongue in cheek, but that's the general gist. No idea where that started, but I'm sure...
  18. SS 1LE or Civic Type R: What would you do, dad?

    This is a fallacy for every "hot" vehicle that gets lots of press. The CTR is definitely not for everyone, but go look at other used vehicle sales that are under 10k that are hyped in the press. People buy into it, then realize that it doesn't necessarily fit their specific use case (or their...