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  1. Anybody know this part that I circle around
  2. N.A. Mods for Civic Si (?)

    I think I figured out the confusion. The OP posted "Civic Si" but I think he meant to say "Civic X". Either way, the OP has a 1.8 engine that produces 141 hp. 300 horsepower isn't happening without adding a turbo and spending like 10K for parts and labor to upgrade things. Then of course...
  3. Experiences with drop in filters

    My experience is that drop-ins offer a slight bump in throttle response and slightly more sound at WOT. Very minor increases though. The best thing about them is the fact they are reusable. I've used K&N and the dry aFe and AEM filters. I prefer the dry type to the oiled K&N, but that's just me.
  4. New Manual Driver

    I've told this story before but I'm an oldtimer so forgive me for repeating myself. Back in the early 80's I bought my first new Honda... a CRX. My previous cars were automatics but I really wanted this CRX bad. Anyway I drove my Trans Am (yeah I traded a Trans Am for a CRX) to the dealer to...
  5. Performance options

    Honestly, the Si isn't the vehicle to push 300+ hp without beefing up the internals. The 237whp / 281tq TSP Stage 1 tune may not sound like huge numbers, but remember, this is a 2900 lb. car. Combine that power with some small suspension improvements and you have a helluva well rounded ride.
  6. Help me decide on these rims over stock on my 2018 EX-T coupe

    It's funny how everyone is programmed these days that bigger is better or sportier. Truth is, a lightweight 17 with quality tires will offer better acceleration, braking and ride quality compared to a heavier 18. Cheaper too. On the other hand, 18's definitely look cooler.
  7. Performance options

    Hate to be another one of those guys. But... A tune is the best power mod. By far. You can do basics like intakes and exhaust and most of your money will go into sound, not real performance gains. Plus, a tune will give you more than just extra power. It will give you better everyday...
  8. Questions About Tunes

    It's all about moderation. If you're looking for a nice little uptick in performance, a base tune is a great way to do it in a relatively safe way. I say relatively because nothing is 100% risk free. My personal opinion is that the improvements in driveability are worth the risk. Generally...

    You'll probably will have an easier time getting a unicorn.
  10. The Tuned Civic X Reliability Survey

    Thanks for the update. :thumbsup:

    One thing to keep in mind. The camo and especially the padding they're using in certain areas can give the illusion of a different shape than what's underneath. Don't assume it's quite as bulbous and blocky as it appears. As far as the interior, I personally hate the stuck on tablet look.
  12. Down on power, higher IAT

    "run without filter" ???? o_O
  13. KTuner vs Hondata

    You don't actually have to upgrade anything with a base tune.

    Very good intake.
  15. Ktuner Civic RS CVT 1.5 Turbo 0-200

    I'll tell what. I've literally written thousands of posts on tuning. Here's a few to get you started:

    That Injen CAI with it's serious fuel trim issues is a HUGE red flag especially for someone trying to eek out near max power. E85 is another red flag. You have a lot of reading to do. :cool: And yes, numerous 1.5T's (Si included) have blown due to excessive power levels.
  17. Ktuner Civic RS CVT 1.5 Turbo 0-200

    The CVT is absolutely fine on a base tune. It's when folks bump up the torque down low or attempt to launch that things go south.
  18. Ktuner factory tune vs. stock tune

    Yes, it's the exact tune. KTuner has all the factory ECU software on it's server and that is saved on your KTuner.
  19. The Tuned Civic X Reliability Survey

    Keep those surveys coming. A big thank you to everyone who has contributed a tuning survey so far. :thumbsup: TUNED CIVIC X RELIABILITY SURVEY STATS * Updated today Total tuned participants: 246 Total tuned miles driven: 3,476,500 (estimated) Most tuned miles: choo's '17 Sport Hatch (81,000+)...
  20. Aftermarket Wheels: Spare Tire

    Nah. Keep it. It's all about the outside diameter, not wheel size. You're fine. Btw, the Si doesnt even come with a spare. :cool: