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  1. Finally pulled the trigger

    You'll love it! Such a great tune!
  2. DRL Stay Bright modules

    Very Interested!
  3. Back In Stock, Best Choice-OEDRO All-Weather Floor Mats

    Would love to see a coupe option in the future!
  4. Getting High Beam Flashed when driving with Low beams

    I get flashed a couple times a month with my 2018 si. Usually from older cars with very dim lights though.
  5. Cant decide which mod to do first

    If you are looking for power, KTuner with TSP stage 1 - best bang for your buck!
  6. Injen or Prl CAI

    PRL 110%
  7. Needing a quick, cheap way of increasing power

    Best bang for your buck is KTuner V1.2 & TSP Stage 1 Tune hands down.
  8. First Si

  9. Got Rear Ended, Seeking Advise!

    Report it 100%
  10. SOLD:FREE: 3/4th of A Kooltint Chrome Delete Kit

    Paid 55$ for a professional shop to do the chrome wrap. Tried to do it myself, but that was a big no no lol.
  11. Tree vs hood

  12. Fastest you have ever driven?

    I did 149 mph in the Si the other night at 3am, super smooth at that speed. Fastest as a passenger was 181 in a friends twin turbo fox body.
  13. Ordered the PRL Cobra CAI Race

    You'll love it! I have the Race CAI from them and not looking back!
  14. Sold!

  15. WTB - PRL Race CAI for Si

    As the title says