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  1. Type r wing

    One photographer laid an eye on the car and took photos. Wife saw from the window(at work)that one man is taking pictures of her car. She ran out and asked who and why? He told that he is a photographer and sopped a good looking car. Offered to send pictures afterwards. Later in an email he...
  2. Type r wing

    Wife bought the car at sept 2019 and always liked Type-r spoiler looks. I told her that in the US, the ABS dynamic replica is popular. Showed her this thread and she wanted one installed. Received the package at 20 dec 2019. Big thanks to Eikki from Estperformance buyng it and for putting it on...
  3. HB trunk trim 2 rubber pieces

    Hi Had installed the ABS dynamics type-r wing, I removed the trim myself to save time and money at the bodyshop. But the 2 rubber pieces were a real PITA to remove. Now the molded clips does not hold the piece in place correctly. Here on that video at 5:45 are those pieces. Do we have an EPC...
  4. whats price of gas where you live- what your fav. fuel injector cleaner

    Oh man, the gas prices are are very cheap in the US. In Estonia, RON 95 is 1.32€/1liter, RON98 is 1.4€/1liter. 1G=3.78liters.
  5. First Oil Change

    A video about oil in a new engine. For me, after seeing this, It confirmed my knowledge about the fresh engine, that parts wear in and metal pieces travel in oil.
  6. My soundproofing and deadening project...

    I plan to add armaflex mat13mm to the doors and trunk area