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  1. are LED headlights simple to install?

    It's plug and play. You twist the old bulb out, and twist the new bulb in. There are different kinds of LED bulbs that you can buy. Some have fans and some don't - either way, you twist it in the opposite way you took the old ones out. HIDs are a bit different in that you have to mount a...
  2. Brake Service / Brake Fluide Change

    Unpopular opinion: You can probably get away with changing the brake fluid in the master cylinder only. Most of the brake fluid is in the master cylinder, and if you change that, most of your fluid will be clean/new. If any of you watch Eric the Car Guy on youtube, he says that this is what some...
  3. What's that "hybrid" sound when braking?

    I don't believe its the turbo. I have an EX with a naturally aspirated engine, and I have that noise as well.
  4. LED Footwell Lights

    Ah fudge. I thought I posted a picture sonewhere
  5. LED Footwell Lights

    There's another thread that I believe I started (or at least posted in) that shows you which wires to tap into to get the lights to turn on and off (including dimming)
  6. Homelink install

    Yeah, dealer should be able to do it, but get ready to pay out the butt. They'll probably charge you for a new homelink for $300+ and then an install fee on top of that. This is such an easy install that I don't feel it's worth taking to the dealer. All you need are a couple of T-taps and a...
  7. Homelink install

    Just a quick tip if you're thinking about doing a mirror - if you have Honda Sensing, the neck on the mirror won't be long enough to clear the hardware. I had to do the map light version.
  8. Homelink/Dimming mirror install?

    Sorry for bringing up an old thread. Just wanted to throw my two cents in to help with others who's also looking into this option. I wanted to add homelink to my car as well, and I thought getting the mirror would be the easiest route. However, if you do a bit of research, the Civics with...
  9. OEM HomeLink Install

    Just did mine last night. Loving it
  10. Painted red brake calipers

    This post is over a year old...
  11. Official WHITE ORCHID PEARL Civic Thread

    Did this today. I'm digging it
  12. Has anyone replaced the horrible horn yet?

    You're going to need to remove the bumper to get access to the horn :\
  13. Bright white Halogen low beams to replace stock lights?

    The cheap ebay ones, where the bulbs are just tinted blue, have horrible output. I had them in my old car, and other than the "white" color (which isn't perfect either), they were garbage. Personally, I haven't tried the silverstars, but I've heard good reviews about them as far as color and...
  14. Has anyone replaced the horrible horn yet?

    I actually did this a while ago, but had intermittent connection issues with it due to poor wiring on my part. I pull the bumper apart again today and fixed the wiring so now I have a picture. But I basically just bought a cheapo set of Hella horns on Amazon for like $10-15. I put them in...
  15. Interior Fob Hook Mod

    I don't mean to throw cold water on you, this is a great idea, but isn't the point of these keys so that you never have to take it out of your pocket/purse? Also I thought that the little trays inside the center console were designed to hold your keys?
  16. A bunch of upgrades planned

    Horn - I recently upgraded my horn as well. I didn't like that "meep meep" sound of the factory horn and wanted an angrier tone since I'm usually pissed at other idiots on the road when I use the horn. I found a set of Hella motorcycle horns (lol) on amazon for ~$10 and decided why the heck not...
  17. Visor lights

    That one works. I bought mine on ebay though which is cheaper, but prob takes longer to ship. The cover pops off. If you look very closely, you'll see tabs that hold the cover in place along the long edge. Use a small flat head screw driver and you can pry at the tabs to pop the cover off.
  18. Visor lights

    You'll want something like this: The socket is T5, and you want to make sure that the LED shines sideways.