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  1. Minor Fender Bender..Trunk/Fender Misalignment

    I own a 2016 Coupe Touring. Another vehicle hit me from the rear at a low speed as I was at a stop light. Minor damage to the bumper---it was dented and cracked. I did notice a larger gap between the trunk and the fender on the drivers side. Never caught my eye before, I do take take of my...
  2. Headlight film?

    What you are showing in the pic is not for the Touring, correct? It looks like I got the same cut style from Weather Tech.

    I was not aware of the Civic AC problems until I saw news of a class action suit two weeks ago. I have a 2016 Touring Coupe at 35,000. The AC blows normal..starts warm then gradually cools. I tested the temperature with a food thermometer and digital light sensor. All is good. However, I'm...
  4. 2016 Civic Coupe EX-L /Modern Steel Metallic

    Nice...where did you order your roof spoiler from? Also, do you have door sills made for a coupe?
  5. Head unit beeping

    I had it before but stopped after I adjused the sensitivity....this was after I turned it up after the original settings...just experimentin
  6. Coupe Rims

    Does increasing the rim size reduce the gas mileage?
  7. Head unit beeping

    It's not the's been in the 70's in VA lately and I get the beeping...I adjusted my sensitivity weeks ago and it just started now.
  8. DIY: Cargo Net Install

    I figured it out..6mm bolt/nut...used some hardware from an old verticle blind for the plate...Wheww, didn't think it was going to work. Thanks
  9. Rann's Driveway

    Rann's Driveway

    2016 Civic Touring Coupe, Aegean Blue,
  10. DIY: Cargo Net Install

    Thanks for the DIY verision....where did you find a 9mm bolt....I went to Lowes and Home Depot this afternoon....They skip right over 9mm....from 8mm to 10mm.....I'll have to look some more
  11. Console Illumination kit... compared to ambient interior lighting.

    Yes..that is alot for interior effects. Puzzling that Honda did not put more effort in door sill variety. ..particularly the coupe.
  12. After 6000 miles or 10,000 km i feel that everything rattles

    Let me know if you can find a pair of door sills....can believe there is not a selection out there on the market
  13. Interior illumination options

    It's amazing that I can't find any door sills for the Coupe. WTF! If anyone hears anything let me know. Very frustrated. I did see something on EBay (from China) but the headline did not make any sense...How can it be for a sedan and coupe
  14. New 2016 Civic Touring Coupe - Blue - Owner - Ontario, Canada

    I ran my VIN at my Honda homepage. At the moment, everything is ok. My coupe was born in Sep of '16...I wonder if the problem was corrected before this date. My cover has not fallen off but temperatures fell off after Aug in Virginia.
  15. LAPD chases Honda Civic LX on Nov 22 2016

    How did he steal it? Keys fob left in the car??