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  1. Garage Queen Challenge

    Same here. Purchased a new 1998 Acura ITR and regret selling it after only one year. Waited 18 years for another new Type R. CTR purchased 7-31-2017 with 1,857 miles.
  2. Spare Tire for Type R

    Thanks! I didn’t know you had to order the tire separately.
  3. Spare Tire for Type R

    Why no tire mounted on the rim?
  4. Transmission leak from inside bell housing

    I saw your car this afternoon. My CTR was in for the first oil change and to fix a brake noise coming from the front brakes. They removed a rock from the backing plate.
  5. Transmission leak from inside bell housing

    That's where I bought my Type R. The Master Tech at Herb Chambers Seekonk is the only person that works on my Type R.
  6. Transmission leak from inside bell housing

    I’m in MA as well. Which Honda dealership has the certified Type R techs?
  7. How old are all you CTR owners?

    Will be 53 in November. 2017 CTR is my 14th Acura / Honda.
  8. steering wheel not centered

    I believe it was a day-one quality issue coming out of the Swindon plant. Probaly a process setup, calibration of equipment or training issue to mention a few. It could have been one person not properly setting everything up during the alignment process. Tried to ignore it during the first...
  9. Average miles on your new Type R when bought

    11 miles when I picked up the CTR.
  10. Can I Check Out Your Type R!!!!

    Check out “Honda Laura” video on the Type R. There’s a Acura Integra Type R in the background.
  11. Can I Check Out Your Type R!!!!

    Just saw a couple of her videos. No “Honda Laura” Type R video?
  12. Can I Check Out Your Type R!!!!

    Me too. Paid MSRP. Great dealership.
  13. CTR Rev Matching and Emissions Issues w/Check Engine light.

    Hi, my CTR had 650 miles when all the warning lights came on. Keep us posted.
  14. CTR Car Covers

    Confirmed Navy Blue. Received it yesterday. Appears to be made by Cover King. See pictures.
  15. Accessories

    I live in the middle between (MA) and Majestic (RI). 25-30 minutes away.