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  1. Apple CarPlay issues

    dm me for an apple dev acct :)
  2. Copy MAF curve from 2017 to a 2019

    MAPerformance are great but keep having issues getting me a tune for my intake I bought. I was running stage 1 MAP tune, sent 2017 1+, and I really need to use my car (today). I copied all values from the 2017 ecu stage 1+ tune to my stage 1 2019. It runs a LOT better but idk if this was safe...
  3. MAPerformance Stage 1 Tune

    hey been trying to contact you guys- just installed MAP intake, but am running stage 1. I cant find the 1+ anywhere- it definitely runs weird on stage 1 with the intake haha
  4. MAPerformance Stage 1 vs TSP stage 1

    Super dumb question- I have TSP and MAP, and just today switched to MAP cuz i got an intake from them. Does MAP have otf map switching? it was on map 2 after reflash from tsp which is weird.
  5. TSP stage 1 vs Custom tune

    yes, if fuel is inconsistent, get a custom tune, and ask for it to be a bit conservative with the air/fuel ratio (run rich not lean)
  6. FK8 Headunit USB Controller

    so basically honda hack needs to read the controller right?,2515000/download.html GET CANADIAN AMAZON CONTROLLER, US ONE DONT WORK
  7. how fast?

    headaches from modding, never happy with anything- something always bugged me. -350z felt slow for the money -evo x too modded i coulndt sleep for fear itd blow up next day -sti was commuter car -frs was close to good but slow even with full headerback and tune -celica vert was perfect. 1990's...
  8. Anyone here a pc/Xbox gamer?

    I am a cuphead speedrunner, and former melee state champion (california, peach main. Mew2king was impressed) NEED BUDDIES TO PLAY WITH ON STREAM (i look nuts talking to myself, or lose viewers when i forget to) mew + wooloo cuz i love pokemon. streaming warzone, hearthstone, cuphead...
  9. FK8 Headunit USB Controller

    honda hack lets you install drivers fyi ;) go to the actual fs menu
  10. how fast?

    i came from fast cars, love this the most (celica gt vert with 90hp was better RIP BUDDY) EVO X shot flames and FP green made it go zoom zoom. now i am running TSP or MAP stage ones. intake in the mail from MAP. Spare tire delete lol. Im happy.
  11. TSP stage 1 vs Custom tune

    so my friend, i have TSP and MAP stage 1, but dyno tuned my FRS at the place across the street from Henessey in TX. TSPor MAP ar GREAT, custom tune is like, so fine tuned to your cars idiosyncrasies that its bananas. FIND A GOOD TUNER, my evo had to visit 3 cuz the first two insisted on 29psi...
  12. Clutch Options

    strongly recommend either ACT or if you can afford it, a used 2008 mitsubishi eclipse factory clutch and full conversion. ACT is great
  13. 17 or 18 in wheels

    just read that you got 17" enkei lol, slick. DUBZ tho. DONK that civic first tho. raised and tires with a whistle exhaust and boat horn is my current build plan.
  14. 17 or 18 in wheels

    if you aren't baller enough for 22" dubz then i guess 17" enkei or Konig are the only real options.
  15. just bought MAP intake, TSP or MAP tune?

    can i use with a tsp tune stage 1? I also own MAP stage 1, but prefer TSP. Both are as fast as my previous STi according to my butt, but I like the "slam" of power delivery over the smooth MAP tune. Also is intake an easy DIY? do you need japanese 10mm ratchet (honda did that crap on my gf's...
  16. Honda hack questions

    to be clear, plug in your phone and it will use that data. easiest with apple, but I am sure android works. honda hack (get it bro) lets you install google play store, so thatll be better than anything if u use something non-apple. also I have an extra iphone lol, hmu its old but itll work
  17. Honda hack questions

    sry to quote but im a tech guy haha- -house wifi works -obdii port bluetooth will connect to the tons of apps that are made for that (i use ktuner light, but google play store has 10,000) -apple carplay internet is using your phone, what type of phone do you have? i can help more if u tell me...
  18. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    bought an intake from MAP!
  19. Does the TSP Stage 1 tune improve throttle response?

    i have tsp and map, gravitate towards tsp as the throttle response (for a 4 cyl) feels more like my old throttle by wire cars back in the day
  20. I’ve been too embarrassed to ask about this, and I hate reddit

    so my sports car history is just like a lot of yalls adult video website history....substantial and all Japanese But despite doing my own bolt ons for every one- header back, boost gauges, and even applied decals to the rear quarter panels once.........I’ve never done an oil change and i for...