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  1. Presenting the AWE Exhaust Suite for the FK8 Civic Type R. Available now!

    Would it be possible to order like a pseudo-DIY kit w/o the front pipe? I'm pretty happy with my current aftermarket front pipe, and wouldn't mind spending a bit of time at the exhaust shop to get the pieces to work.
  2. Magic Collar Subframe Collars

    Yikes. This thread turned into a dumpster fire real quick. I was part of that group buy. I installed this on my garage floor. Do not recommend. Find a lift at all costs. Definitely one of the more harder installs I've done in my life (floor, by myself). I'm sure with a lift and buddy, it's a...
  3. Black HKS intercooler

    DAMN that is thiccccc :love:
  4. FS: ***CUSTOM 2ND RESONATOR PIPE*** for Invidia R400

    I'd say it cut the drone down in half but the R400 still droned way too much for my ears. This was on my stock downpipe so not catless.
  5. Ansix no drill front plate mount

    Damn...$107 after shipping. Def not for the faint of heart.
  6. FS: ***CUSTOM 2ND RESONATOR PIPE*** for Invidia R400

    Price: $250 PayPal & shipped (DM me for local pickup price) Location: San Bernardino, CA Condition: used Reason for sale: I sold my R400 a long time ago and forgot that I had this pipe until recently Additional information: this is a mandrel bent piece with a 3-inch Vibrant Ultra Quiet resonator...
  7. Mod your ACT Sensor And Gain HP?!

    Just attempted this today...definitely no graceful way to do this lol. Ended getting X-acto marks everywhere but was successful and most importantly didn't damage the probe or the remaining shroud. What's this people saying they have oily probes? Mine was bone dry at 28k miles. But then again...
  8. ***SOLD*** Mishimoto Oil Catch Can with Red Bracket (SoCal)

    Sorry, I was busy today. Also, I got several DMs so I only had time to respond to the first one.
  9. ***SOLD*** Mishimoto Oil Catch Can with Red Bracket (SoCal)

    Price: ***SOLD*** Location: San Bernardino, CA Condition: USED Reason for sale: bought a different catch can with a different mounting point
  10. ***SOLD*** VMR V710 19" Matte Black Wheels

    Shipping usually kills the deal :cry: