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  1. WTB: OEM Front/Rear Bumper

    Never tried to fit one so I can't confirm if it fits or not. I assume it is wider and would need modifications.
  2. Thoughts on Repair? Such terrible luck...

    Yikes! Looks like it got hit pretty hard, but everything can be repaired. I would see what insurance says. It doesn't look to bad I would fix it if it was mine.
  3. Dodged a rebar..

    Woah! That could of been way worse jesus glad you're okay.
  4. **The Official FK8 Aftermarket Turbo Solutions and Technical Discussion Thread**

    Great write up! I am in the market for a turbo, was leaning towards the PRL but there is so many other good options to choose from.
  5. How do Swift Springs + 18 inch wheels feel?

    I am running that exact setup and it's amazing! Handling is great and not so rough with the 18s.
  6. “Civic Type R” rear badge decals stickers.

    I can make them if anyone is interested. I have done the badge numbers for the rear wing already.
  7. Invidia R400 how to Kill Drone - droning

    Sound deadening helps a bit. I put it in my car and it did cut back on some drone.
  8. 2017 Civic Type R Rebuild ***Project EvilR***

    Thanks much appreciated! 🙏
  9. 2017 Civic Type R Rebuild ***Project EvilR***

    Makes sense to stick with the same company for sure. Yeah definitely would suck to pay that kind of money for them not to fit and need modifications.
  10. 2017 Civic Type R Rebuild ***Project EvilR***

    They are not Seibon, I didn't go with them because I read up on fitment issues. Apparently these knock offs fit like a glove, so will see!! The CF duckbill fit spot on so I am hoping the fenders will also. Plan on getting their CF hood and the other CF duckbill for the factory low spoiler.
  11. CTR Christmas gifts?

    Sweet shirt! My husband got me a set of Acuity shifter bushings for my CTR and a bottle of 3D One compound/polish.
  12. WTB: PRL Charge Pipes

    Looking for a new or used set of PRL intercooler piping for my CTR. Seller must be willing to ship to Canada! PayPal Certified Thanks!
  13. 2017 Civic Type R Rebuild ***Project EvilR***

    Soon! Going to do paint correct and ceramic first. The bumper has to come off to install the fenders, so I figured I would do that once everything is cured.
  14. What mode do you use the most?

    What was Honda thinking? LOL Glad mine doesn't have it!
  15. 2017 Civic Type R Rebuild ***Project EvilR***

    Little Christmas gift from my hubby. 3D One compound/polish with Lake Country pad. Set of Acuity shifter bushing, really looking forward to seeing the difference those make!
  16. PRL Motorsports P600 Honda Civic Type-R FK8 Drop-In Turbocharger Upgrade Development

    I will be upgrading for sure! I just hope it will be ok with stock motor and 91 octane. I can only get 91 at the pump :(
  17. What mode do you use the most?

    Fake engine noise? I am I missing something or is this just a newer model issue?
  18. What mode do you use the most?

    Mine never comes out of R mode. I can't stand the light steering in the other two modes. Wish you could choose between the 3 and make a custom mode lol.
  19. Anyone running hasport 62A full motor mount kit?

    Wondering the same thing! I have the Hasport RMM but looking to upgrade the rest of them.
  20. Canada Sold Out? Minus Black too

    Used is the way to go IMO, gives a lot more room for mods haha. Mugen wheel is great BTW I have one and love it.