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  1. CVT belt failure at 14k miles...

    I didnt look at the breakdown, but the service advisor showed me the invoice total. I should go back and ask for all the paperwork related to my visits.
  2. Beware of buying USED Ktuner devices

    Good luck getting any reply from hondata here or on drive accord or facebook. they literally go a month or more at a time before even replying or posting here, and here you are making a judgment about one issue of someone not following directions. What else would you expect Ktuner to do? He...
  3. CVT blew out. (Edit: Turbo damage)

    so someone exaggerates or didnt tell the whole story :) Either way, it sucks his CVT is blown but is what it is
  4. Hondata CVT Failure

    I tell all these people on FB and here that ask about warranty that if they want any shot, they should not only flash stock and remove the Ktuner, but remove the tuner stickers, get rid of your FB INSTA Tiktok stickers naming your account. Downpipes front pipes make it obvious too. Oh and if...
  5. Hondata CVT Failure

    When did Honda start taking apart CVTs? They were a no open part and was full replacement no matter what happened when I got my CVT replaced. And if you flash stock with Ktuner the DTC is erased and software version is the same as factory. He is lucky they quoted $5k at that dealer. The $...
  6. CVT etune and bolt ons estimate

    More flow is always better but I imagine it chokes out a few hp throughout the power band.
  7. CVT etune and bolt ons estimate

    yeah and you wont be able to find catless downpipes much anywhere anymore. EPA is cracking down on manufacturers as well as sellers.
  8. 100,000 miles cvt 1.5t review

    105k miles on my car. had hondata first, cvt started acting funny. Switch to Ktuner. Got a new cvt under warranty at 30k miles. Been running Ktuner ever since with no issues at all and that is custom tuned 93, e30 and TSP Stage 1 tune. I only have an intake as well. I had 3 new batteries in...
  9. O2 Sensor Wiring

    Just buy the ktuner v1.2 for $450 new or cheaper used and disable the codes. Its the safer better way to do it.
  10. Going to the track with a Civic Sport

    I love the fact everyone is taking all different models to the track. AutoX and road racing are much more about the driver than just the pure power of the car. But I highly doubt a 2.0 NA would terrorize an Si, considering the Si comes from the factory ready to hit road racing and autoX with...
  11. Recovery mode alot more often

    The tuner is only drawing power if there is activity on the ECU/CAN otherwise it shuts off.
  12. Boomba Racing BOV on EX Hatchback

    Here it is, the end of the year 2020 and we've still not seen a post about a failing stock bpv. Weird how that is eh. They told us, just wait, down the road the rubber will tear, the valves will fail and you will see. ahahahahahahahah.
  13. Honda Civic Type-R Over sticker dealer naughty list.

    Last I talked to them, Huggins Honda sells them at MSRP. They add tint and thats about it.
  14. Oh no...Not another BOV thread

    Oh we had the oil thread, it was like the first big debate on this website until it got so bad the admins finally locked it haha
  15. Oh no...Not another BOV thread

    you can do whatever you want. There is still nothing wrong with the stock bpv as shown by literally zero people posting issues with them and zero tuners talking about leaking valves. The only people who talk about them in an negative light are people who have a product to sell to replace one...
  16. Question abut stock intercooler and potential upgrades

    yep, if they are they are on the upgraded turbo kits and most likely running an aftermarket IC too. Im running 23-24 on my stock IC and my IAT2 is almost always within 5 degrees of ambient unless Like I said above its 90+ degrees or hotter out. when its over 100 out I dont beat on it at all
  17. Question abut stock intercooler and potential upgrades

    I have been tuned for 3 years on Ktuner with only an intake with the stock intercooler. The only time I ever have an issue with temps is when its 90+ down here in Texas and IAT 1 and 2 get over 110+ It take a minute or two of driving to get it back down close to ambient. Its not really going...
  18. Oh no...Not another BOV thread

    Im quoting someone who has literally tuned thousands of these cars and if he saw an issue with the stock valve he would say so. Again why would you replace something that works perfectly fine with something that a sales guy is trying to sell you? There isnt going to be a performance gain made...
  19. Oh no...Not another BOV thread

    I read it. What is the point of changing something to an aftermarket part that has no added value to me and is possibly worse for my car? The stock valve works as intended and I'm not going to mess with it. When I have had my logs looked at there is nothing going on to make you think its...