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  1. Android Auto Wireless projection

    you install apps on both the phone and on the headunit. They establish a connection. You aren't running native android auto so much as you are running an emulator which can pass data through the headunit as if it was Android Auto. The project is on XDA developer forums...
  2. Android Auto Wireless projection

    FWIW - I did get this working, technically. It would establish the connection, I could use maps. But I would get disconnects randomly, and more frequently when streaming media. Nice idea, and maybe they will improve it. But I just ordered an iPhone 12 Pro Max, trading in my S9+ for a $440...
  3. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    Vehicle: 2017 Civic Si sedan Total tuned time: 36 months (Since October 2017) Total tuned mileage: update 40,000+ miles Tuning device(s) used: Hondata RACE, currently using KTuner V1 Tunes used: Hondata +9, early M.A.P. map, KTuner 21, current tune TSP Stage 1 Additional engine mods: PRL...
  4. Civic SI: +6PSI vs. +9PSI Tune

    I changed to TSP Stage 1. Over 40k miles. Still on the stock brakes and clutch. No issues to report.
  5. Options For A Non-Cable USB Connection To Note 9 For 2018 Honda Civic?

    google or check XDA developer forums for "Head Unit Reloaded", I've used it on my 2017 Civic with Pixel 4XL for wireless android auto. It will establish a connection, but the connection was not stable. However that was about a year ago, so it might have improved
  6. Honda extends condenser warranty to 10 years for 2016-2018 Civics

    Update. Mine failed last month. They replaced the condenser which was leaking. Zero out of pocket cost. Roughly 40k miles on the car.
  7. My A/C took a poop...*Dealership update*

    My brother in law has a 17 HB, and his air went last summer. Defective condenser replaced. Fine since. Mine went this summer just a couple weeks ago. Defective condenser replaced. No charge for either of us. His had under 25k miles. Mine had under 39k miles.
  8. Please read! Verified A/C issue with 1.5L

    2017 Si Sedan with about 39k miles. My compressor died last week during a heatwave. So that was fun. Dealer replaced it this weekend. Only cost me the time it took to drop off the car and pick it up. Of course I returned the car to stock before bringing it back to the dealer. Glad the TSB...
  9. Losing gas really quickly?

    I've gotten up to 550 miles on a tank. But that was nearly all highway when I had a long commute every day and only drove back and forth to work. Now thanks to Covid I only work one day a week in the office, and while my tanks are lasting much longer as a result ... I'm averaging about 400...
  10. South Jersey

    Thou shalt not speed in Wall Twp - they're hardcore both in hiding out of sight and in chasing people down.
  11. Oil Dilution TSB

    2017 Si Sedan here, TSP Stg1, zero issues thus far. Used to do mostly highway driving and averaged well over 450 miles per tank occasionally over 500. Since Covid19 I now work from home 4 days a week, 1 day in the office, so most of my driving is local, plenty of short drives for errands, and...
  12. Type R retrofit clutch

    There is none so blind as those who will not see
  13. Bike Accident on Canyon Road

    The real tragedy is the music. What the hell happenned to rap?
  14. Reversing HondaHack

    Yes. There is an option in HondaHack to return to stock.
  15. Just brought home my 2017 Si!

    Rise from your grave......
  16. The shape of things

    Agreed on every point. Other than the Cybertruck, there are only a handful of designs.
  17. Full spare tire set up in the truck of a 2020 Si sedan

    There is a spare tire kit available in other parts of the world, but I believe it's a "donut" style tire/wheel. If you were to put a full size spare wheel/tire in the trunk I believe it would lift the floor of the trunk a bit. If you use the search... you'll find a few members here have...
  18. Honda Hack 5.05 one button rear view camera

    I have long hold up as free memory and long hold down as free memory turbo.
  19. Honda Hack 5.05 one button rear view camera

    If memory serves (pun intended), turbo kills everything that isn't system. I believe it ignores whitelist.
  20. Xgen alliance blown 27won turbo? my life one trip to Walmart at a time...