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  1. Yellow Type-R Watch. NO.044/100

    Where’d u get it?
  2. Yellow Type-R Watch. NO.044/100

    Did this come with your LE Type R #44? What’s the story?
  3. Looking for a wheel like the GR Yaris

    I just really like enkei wheels. The price is right for the civic.
  4. Oil transmission maintenance needed...

    I am changing mine with Honda Genuine every 30k miles. My car is stock. Many have recommended a better trans fluid like AMSoil synchromesh to help smooth out shifting in this car. It is MY OPINION that Honda Genuine is thin piss water for more reasons than Honda just looking to make money. I...
  5. Highway driving

    It’s a light car. Heavy, low, aerodynamic is the combination you want if you don’t want to get pushed around. Never driven one, but I’d imagine a Tesla slices through heavy wind like a knife. I’ve driven some gnarly pickup truck and trailer combos that were some bhole clinchers in the wind...
  6. Washington New Depo replacement fog lights/yellow LED S-v4

    What is different in the housing from OEM?
  7. Civic Coupe Taillight Tint

    Reducing the effectiveness of any lights on a vehicle through the use of tint for cosmetic appeal is something I can never get behind. If you disagree, you don’t drive enough to realize what a safety risk it actually is. I’m cool with achieving a blacked out look while still allowing your...
  8. tac at 200rpm when car is off??

    It’s probably just a software glitch with the tune. Don’t lose sleep over it.
  9. tac at 200rpm when car is off??

    Nope. Your car is toast. Part it out and sell.
  10. tac at 200rpm when car is off??

    :mad: ... Im gonna check for you
  11. Wheel locks

    Hmmm, those look way better than I thought they would. Nice find.
  12. Going from 235/40 to 225/40 tires

    It will be fine. Wheels will be a little more exposed to curb rash. Speedo might be off by like 1-2 mph
  13. Anyone have a tow rig?

    What about a Tundra for that Toyota reliability? Doesn’t sound like you need to tow anything that heavy and it probably won’t give you issues after not running for extended periods of time.
  14. Anyone have a tow rig?

    I’m biased toward Ford from using them towing trailers at work. Parts are cheap and readily available and everybody knows how to work on them. Really like the 2015+. Interiors are comfortable, everything seems to work well. I really like the 6.7L powerstroke. I rented a 2020 6.7L once and it...
  15. Civic lx wheels suggestion

    I’d suggests going up to 17” wheels for your LX. You could go with 18s, but you will be sacrificing a lot of ride comfort.
  16. Civic lx wheels suggestion

    Look at the brand enkei. Affordable, lighter than stock, good quality and some good looking designs.
  17. Dodged a rebar..

    That shit coulda killed you. I’ve heard of chains being kicked up by tires and decapitating people through their windshield. Road is a dangerous place
  18. Tire shops/websites recommending 225/40R18 on Si

    In reality there isn’t much difference to the diameter of 225, 235, 245. The stock goodyears had a thick sidewall design with built in wheel protection, which made the fitment look much better. 235 is flush with the wheel, 225 would look a little stretched, 245 would give you a little bit of...
  19. Tire shops/websites recommending 225/40R18 on Si

    Theyre popping up all over the midwest. Headquartered in Detroit. I’ve been impressed with them. Any tire shop that recognizes that I know my shit and doesn’t give me any bullshit in the process is okay with me. I still don’t trust them to actually touch my car. I bring my wheels to them...
  20. Tire shops/websites recommending 225/40R18 on Si

    Why are tire shops and websites telling people that 225 width tires are recommended on Civics with OEM 18” wheels when Honda makes it pretty clear that 235/40R18 is the intended size?