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  1. Ktuner problem: 19.5 psi map only hitting 13 to 16 psi?

    Honda forums can be pretty toxic. When I first started using forums back in the late 90s/early 00s ppl were a lot calmer and cooler. Ppl are also a little more chill in the WRX forums. With factors such as social media and all the negativity, I definitely understand why forums aren't nearly...
  2. My friend blew his motor on TSP stage 2

    I agree. I was just making a point that it happens with all aftermarket tunes. But yes, still higher with TSP tunes which i guess is kind of expected being that the TSP tune pushes more power.
  3. My friend blew his motor on TSP stage 2

    Its just tunes period that contribute to an engine booming. Flashpro +9 blown engine: MAP tune blown engine:
  4. My friend blew his motor on TSP stage 2

    There's definitely no convincing you of anything. In your mind it will always, 100% be the driver's fault, and 100% never be the tune. I am running a KT basemap, and even I acknowledge there is an increase in the risk of blowing my engine then there would be just running on the stock tune. But...
  5. My friend blew his motor on TSP stage 2

    HotPaperPlate blew his engine on the TSP stage 1 tune, and he wasn't on ethanol. He also constantly monitored his data on his V2 and did not abuse his Si. He was very meticulous with the maintenance of his car. See post #30: edit* spelling.
  6. Anyone else have issues with tunerview on their head unit disconnecting?

    I did the Honda hack and installed tunerview a few weeks ago. My issue is that it keeps disconnecting. It will stay connected for about 20 to 30 seconds then disconnect and freeze, then reconnect, then disconnect, etc. Its been like that since I installed it. When I use the app on my phone I...
  7. My friend blew his motor on TSP stage 2

    I currently run Ktuner 21.5 psi basemap. It seems that anytime someones engine blows, too many people on this forum want to immediately point the finger at the driver. Always claiming "theres more to the story". You cannot always assume the driver was "abusing" his Si. I mean, what is your...
  8. My friend blew his motor on TSP stage 2

    why do you have a map only pushing 15psi? just to stay really conservative?
  9. My friend blew his motor on TSP stage 2

    pookie wasnt running full e85, and his engine blew..
  10. Poll: Is 2021 going to start the 11th generation?

    Now that this generation Civic has gone 5 years (2016 - 2020), I expect the 2021 model to be the 1st year of the 11th generation Civic. While the 8th gen went 6 years, that was unusual. It was 1 of the Civic's most popular generations.
  11. Hybrid Shifter or Acuity Shifter?

    paying $400+ for a shifter is insane. maybe 200 at most. i bought the acuity components like the rocker arm and centering spring and base bushings, and it definitely made it feel tighter but that was much less than the full $478 acuity shifter. id never pay that. id say just staying stock...
  12. A worthy upgrade

    oh.. that makes sense :)
  13. A worthy upgrade

    what do politics have to do with the subframe brace o_O
  14. A worthy upgrade

    great info. do you have a link to the subframe brace that you bought?
  15. i just cant heel toe in this car

    i tried the acuity spacer and it made it worse for me. it makes the gas pedals protrude too far towards the drive and as a result made my ankle hurt. i did adjust the brake pedal back a little but though only like a cm but it still helped.
  16. i just cant heel toe in this car

    youll be able to do it eventually. i couldnt at first either cause the gas and brake pedals are so far apart both side to side and forward and back. after owning the car for over a year i can do it pretty easily now.
  17. Was the Si your 1st manual?

    old ronnie would be proud of you and your si.
  18. Was the Si your 1st manual?

    no. my 1st manual was a 96 civic ex coupe back in 98.