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  1. Any Civic Hatches in Socal?

    I've been inquiring around San Diego and almost all of the dealers have them although some have as few as three hatchbacks to as many as a dozen. I believe they're clearing out this year's models first to make room for the '17s. Hopefully drive off with mine before the end of the month.
  2. Did your dealership Price Match?

    Even if they offered me half of the discount they promised, they already ruined the customer relationship. They kept lying to the very end until they can't cover it up anymore. Some dealers really think they can fool every buyer.
  3. Hatchback - What did you pay?

    Tell the dealership to throw in all-weather floor mats and protection package for free!
  4. Bought New 2017 Hatchbacksport

    Congrats! That will be my next car too!
  5. Did your dealership Price Match?

    After driving the new Civic for nine days, trying to meet with the general sales manager and their customer service rep failing to explain how not a single discount (online e-certificate, Construction Sale Clearance) was applied to the price, they said they'll "gladly unwind me out of the...
  6. What did you pay?

    Usually Thanksgiving and Black Friday offers great deals if you can wait a few more weeks.
  7. What did you pay?

    Internet sales will also give you a good discount. I inquired online, I received email offers and visited the dealership that offered the best deals.
  8. Official RALLYE RED Civic Thread

    All these Rallye Reds are making me regret my Lunar Silver!
  9. Did your dealership Price Match?

    Originally interested in getting the LX as a daily driver, I had offers from three different dealerships but settled with the closest one a mile away and picking the EX 2.0 Sedan instead. But looking back at the negotiation process, when I quoted the price offer from another dealer, the closest...
  10. What did you pay?

    2016 4door 2.0L EX $21,040 (before taxes, doc fees, extras) and $22,026 amount financed. got the tiered security/alarm system as well factored in.
  11. Human body fits inside the trunk :)

    My wife wanted me to pick up 4 plastic patio chairs for free but when I tried putting it in the trunk, it would not fit--stacked or individually. I thought about the back seat but the chairs were really dirty and my car is only 3 days old so I called my wife told her the filthy, flimsy chairs...
  12. Key fob cover

    I saw it on instagram and a facebook link. Search for Garage Leather Works in fb. Its a Thailand based business.
  13. New Here? Introduce Yourself!

    Vincent from San Diego. The last time I was into automotive forums was when I bought my first Xterra in 2000.
  14. Anyone into drones?

    I've been reading a lot about drones specifically drone racing and will purchase my first fpv drone come black Friday. Getting a cheap $50 one first until I get the hang of it then invest in a modular model later on.
  15. What do you like best or enjoy most about your Civic?

    This being my first Honda and my first car with a lot of bells and whistles, me and the members of the family are pleasantly overwhelmed with all the cool features! Its only three days old sol I'm still discovering and learning to use them!
  16. Where to Find Seat Covers?

    I inquired about seatcovers from the dealer and she did say its not advisable for the front seat although the back seats will fit very snug. I need it coz I have three kids.
  17. Key fob cover

    Garageleatherworks also makes a classy yet bulky leather enclosure for the keyfob.
  18. Insurance when Driving your New Car off the lot in California

    Drove off the lot on Saturday night. Insured it today--two days after I bought it.
  19. Any San Diego Civic owners out there?

    Drove off the dealership lot on Saturday night after hours of haggling. Intended to buy the base LX Sedan as a daily driver but the wife liked the bigger touch screen, connectivity, moonroof and extras on the EX so we got that instead for $20 more per month. Loving it so far!