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  1. 1.5T 27WON - Testing the OE Turbo Inlet Pipe

    A new turbo inlet pipe would interest me, despite my not wanting to run a tune. The stock pipe is questionably positioned, poorly shaped, and looks terrible. There's not a lot that can be done about the positioning since the air intake was placed on the wrong side, but the other two can...
  2. Test derove Si. Not impressed

    It's obvious this is a troll thread because my thoughtful and lengthy reply was ignored.
  3. TypeRLEDs - Flashing Brake LEDs.

    I assume the OEM bulb is just a clear bulb. I figured a red LED would give off a deeper/better red color through the housing than a white LED, but I'm interested to see what yours looks like.
  4. TypeRLEDs - Flashing Brake LEDs.

    Been waiting for any brakelights for the coupe for over two months now. They got the sedan/hatchback brake lights back in stock a while ago. I wonder what the hold up is? I'm not so sure I'd want flashing brake lights anymore, but some super bright lights for sure.
  5. Changed MTF to Amsoil Synchromesh, I am Happy!

    No, because I know how to read and I keep educated on modern engine design, the common problems it faces, and the development of new testing standards for products to help prevent them. It was more of a snide remark that you can't unthank a post without thanking it first. What if it doesn't...
  6. Changed MTF to Amsoil Synchromesh, I am Happy!

    Where's the unthank button?
  7. Update to the Civic Oil Dilution fix

    That's great news. I thought it seemed strange they needed to replace the entire control unit simply for a change of programming. I guess that was probably the fastest way they could begin to reach the highest risk consumers while they more deliberately came up with a much more cost effective...
  8. 24 below

    L15B7 1.5T In my Cruze, they used a modular battery box for all models that fit a group 94R battery for the diesel engine. When my battery went out I upgraded to a Northstar AGM 94R, that thing was massive. The 5 year free replacwment warranty made it worthwhile. I was kind of hoping I could...
  9. 24 below

    Exactly the problem. A quality AGM replacement would do wonders for cold weather starting. If you feel like cutting a few tabs the Xs power D5100R can be fitted despite being larger than a traditional 51R battery. The battery box is so small I haven't found a larger group size that can be made...
  10. Does the Si have subwoofer included with radio?

    With the right music and the subwoofer channel turned up +3 (bass turned down -1) I can get some really bad distortion at volume 12-14. An amp might help a little but that sub just can't take it.
  11. Does the Si have subwoofer included with radio?

    I searched far and wide to see if someone had found an aftermarket sub that would fit to replace the OEM sub in the rear deck. I found nothing. It seems the accepted method of fixing it is a trunk box or an under-seat box instead.
  12. Steering feel?

    I think it's excellent. My last car was a 2012 Chevy Cruze with an electric steering gear that was replaced under special extended warranty (twice, and one of those times they didn't torque the subframe bolts or put the boot back on, which gave me a free ticket to ask for whatever services I...
  13. Si oil life

    There have been a few posts about the oil life monitor showing a very rapid decrease in oil life, but it doesn't seem to be the norm. I'm still on the factory fill, at 2950 miles and still reading 60% (I think it's going to drop to 50% any day now.) It would be very unusual for some...
  14. 2018 civic si dissapointing

    2017 Civic Si - 3:14.6 2015 JCW Mini Cooper - 3:15.4 They said the base price for the model they had with the performance options was 33k. May as well spring the extra few bucks for a CTR at that point, it's obvious the brembo brakes and larger engine didn't do it any favors around the track...
  15. 2018 civic si dissapointing

    With regards to the Bluetooth sound quality, if I take a call via Bluetooth it sucks for both me and the other end of the line. If I use Android Auto to make or take a call, it's worlds better for both ends. Cars having poor audio quality on Bluetooth phone implementations is nothing new. I'm...
  16. Scangauge Xgauge Codes

    I wonder if that IAT is pre turbo or post intercooler. I also wonder if theres a way to enter another xgauge for whichever one it isn't. The two coolant temps appear to be pre-radiator and post radiator, as one raises to 180F and the other languishes around ambient temperature until I spend...
  17. Type R vs Buddy Club steering wheel.

    It's possible, it's just an ebay adhesive piece, not an official or OEM trim.
  18. My flat tire

    It sounds like you actually bothered to make sure your pressures were okay when the light came on? If it were a direct TPMS system like in my Cruze, it would have made sense to switch to the pressure reading screen and take a glance at the pressures to decide if it's worth stopping or not...
  19. My flat tire

    So the TPMS light came on, which is the system designed to warn you before it becomes a catastrophic tire failure due to low pressure, and you ignore the light and drive anyway? I hope the cost of a new tire is enough of a lesson. Fortunately it doesnt look like the wheel took any damage.
  20. "Walk Away" Locking Inconsistently Working

    I haven't had to do that, but I have had quite a headache with the system. I hold all my keys on a laser cut titanium carabiner with titanium split rings. Previously I did not have a keyless access system, so I had no issues. As it turns out, apparently the titanium keyring and carabiner...