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  1. Noises vs no noises

    For those of you who have done springs or coils. What do you have and do you have noises? Squeaking? Binding? Clunking? I'm trying to find out if the people who do coils with top mounts have issues vs people who do just springs or coils that use the stock rubber mounts.
  2. Faint Groan Sound from Front Suspension HELP

    i have been unable to do this. i need to buy the parts and find a shop.
  3. Best Handling Modifications

  4. Faint Groan Sound from Front Suspension HELP

    i dont have that exact noise but the one i have is the same situation. narrowed it down to the top mounts. honda charged me too. they lubed them but it came back.
  5. Advise about springs vs. coilovers vs leave OEM alone (haha)

    i wish i would have never touched it
  6. 1.5T Aliexpress aluminum Civic 1.5t turbo inlet pipe discussion

    those welds look like shit. although....i always go by a rule of 1HP is gonna cost me $100.
  7. Creaking coming from steering wheel

    i have those. doesnt help a thing. maybe will the op
  8. Creaking coming from steering wheel

    i spoke too soon. noise is back. lmao
  9. Creaking coming from steering wheel

    upper strut bearings needed lubricated. Honda figured it out and I'm even modified! Very happy. I heard a small noise after but I think the grease needs to work around.
  10. Warranty coverage

    oh thanks. and fuck. lol
  11. Warranty coverage

    what did you mean on rock auto?
  12. Warranty coverage

    no of that should affect the axles though
  13. Warranty coverage

    The boot on it was replaced less than a year ago. But i wouldnt be surprised if youre right.
  14. Warranty coverage

    Does anyone work for Honda? And I know this all usually depends on the dealership. My car is going in Friday to have the axles and CV joints checked. Low speed turns under 25mph give me noise. Noise when I barely move the wheel in the mornings and back out the driveway. I have a lot of...
  15. CTR and Hatchback Touring - Deeper 8" sub grill kit now available for pre-order

    these are not made anymore and this user i believe was kicked from the site.
  16. Type R OEM Diffuser on FK7

    never tried. got the 2020 normal diffuser.
  17. Canada - Ontario FS: NEW Red CF Coil Cover’s

    isnt that carbon kevlar?
  18. Creaking coming from steering wheel

    Im hiping take apart and grease tf outta it