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  1. Anyone else hear a high pitched whistle sound from AC when starting?

    In cold weather the a/c compressor is engaged automatically during front defrost mode , when that occurs the fans engage as the a/c cycles on and off frequently. When you turn off the heater system the sound goes away as the under hood fans are not being used . When I start my car in -10 degree...
  2. Anyone else hear a high pitched whistle sound from AC when starting?

    It is on and off because the fans cycle on and off with the HVAC system, if your front defrost is engaged manually or automatically the defrost system uses the a/c compressor and the fans will cycle longer and more frequently whenever the a/c compressor is in use. Do a test , start the car then...
  3. Do not try to remove caliper bolts

    Those caliper bolts are not high torque bolts so it doesn't take much to break them. The bolt broke from over-tightening , but I realize it was a simple mistake. There is no Honda bolt that is $50 , they must have been quoting you an installed price. I've purchased every bolt possible on my...
  4. Anyone else hear a high pitched whistle sound from AC when starting?

    It's the fans kicking in, so it is normal not a defect. These fans move a lot of air. It is a turbine sound most noticeable when the fans start up and when they shut down. It is not the compressor, if I run the engine at idle with the hood open and the defrost or a/c engaged the sound is...
  5. Good Warranty Coverage News on Blown Tire !

    I hit the mother of all potholes the other day at 100 km/hr, it made my teeth chatter. Sure enough the tire was blistered so it had internal damage. I got the tire replaced under warranty at zero cost through my local dealer London Honda. The car has just over 6,500 kms on it. Something...
  6. Siren like noise after coming to a stop

    the noise on my car is definitely coming from the fans. The reason it happens on startup for me is because I used remote start in winter months and it automatically turns on the front defrost and the fans activate with front defrost (similar to A/C in hot weather). I think the noise is...
  7. Siren like noise after coming to a stop

    The radiator and A/C fans make a whining noise when they kick in, much like a turbine sound, they move a lot of air, quite noticeable from the exterior of the vehicle when they start up. Mine often do this sound on engine start up, I'm sure it's the fans, one or both.
  8. Civic Type R to get CVT option (Update: Debunked)

    Low sales volume ultimately killed the S2000, look at the sales numbers they progressively declined to the point where it couldn't sustain the platform. You can't attract a large customer base with only a manual transmission in North America, plain and simple, and North America was the largest...
  9. Civic Type R to get CVT option (Update: Debunked)

    I would have been fine with the CTR having a CVT tranny if it was optimized for performance, I would have also liked a DCT option. The reason I say this is because keeping these vehicles attracted to maximum customers is what is needed these days to keep them in production. Honda can't...
  10. Check it out! Brief Year End Review

    looks great, the wheels fit it well, nice choice. Your Civic looks really well polished/shiny , do you have a particular detailing routine / products that you use ?
  11. Test drove 2017 CRV with Civics Turbo engine

    I'm guessing the throttle programming is more peppy on the Civic, plus we get to choose the sport setting. Without a sport setting the throttle and boost response is really dumbed down. Does the CR-V have a sport option ?
  12. No intermittent wipers? Really?

    my Touring has rain sensing and it is useless, it basically works the same as intermittent with some adjustability to the sensitivity. I never wanted rain sensing so it doesn't bother me that it doesn't work as intended, I prefer intermittent and that is basically what I got from it.
  13. Brake Service

    Oh yeah that makes more sense, I've heard of guys burning through brake pads in 1-2 track events in some instances.
  14. Brake Service

    50% worn sounds like a lot of wear on such a new vehicle. I don't think I've had a Honda vehicle that needed brakes within 100,000 kms, they usually wear great. Warped rotors can happen on any vehicle, much of the time it is just deposits on the rotor surface and not true warping of the...
  15. where can i see my tire pressures?

    carry a tire gauge in your vehicle , that's the only way to read them.
  16. CVT Rocks

    no complaints with it on my 1.5 l motor. It works relatively well and I'd say much better than traditional automatic transmissions, if not as enjoyable as a MT.
  17. Cold Weather Fuel Economy Thread

    Pretty much every Honda engine makes maximum power with coolant temps around 180-200 degrees, cold engines make less power, heat = power.
  18. Leather seats, is this normal!!

    I was going to say perhaps small buns , but maybe small buns of steel, lol.
  19. Leather seats, is this normal!!

    maybe it happened before you got the car, like the person who detailed it prior to delivery, or others. The leather is stretched. Take a hot hairdryer to it and it will tighten up, but it may return after some use. All leather seats will stretch with use, my passenger seat has a bit of it...
  20. Leather seats, is this normal!!

    It looks like someone sat on the seat with their knees perhaps while facing towards the rear of the cabin. This is a no-no with leather seats as it will stretch the seat cover, I tell my wife and son to never do that on leather seats. You can straighten it out with a hairdryer but it may...