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  1. Springs on '17 Hatchback?

    pretty sure aftermarket struts/shocks are coming soon, I have sportlines w/ 9k and no issues at all. I trimmed the front bump stops per the directions but not the rear, no camber kit either and no abnormal tire wear either.
  2. Civic X Depreciation Price?

    how do you buy them way under invoice? I'm very curious I plan on trying to trade my 6spd hatchback sport for a new Si and could use some tips, I paid NADA "invoice for my hatch and feel that was a great deal considering I bought the only one within a few hundred miles of me.
  3. 10th gen CIVIC SI - What did you pay?

    I tried looking on trocar to check the prices in my area and it only shows pricing for lx/ex am I doing something wrong? the price you paid is great, 2dr or 4dr?
  4. 10th gen CIVIC SI - What did you pay?

    I'm very curious of this as well. I haven't seen an Si at that MSRP price yet either.
  5. 10th gen CIVIC SI - What did you pay?

    MSRP on the 17 Si sedan I'm looking at is $24,775 including destination fee and the dealer said they would take $1500 off, so it would be $23,275 plus TTL I'm not sure on the target pricing you posted.
  6. ASWC-1 Installation?

    with the metra harness are we able to keep the factory back up camera and illumination dimming features? I've read thru a few topics and seems like some guys had to splice in the reverse lamps for signal for back up camera and illumination feature. I wanna change out the basic radio but want to...
  7. Boomba Racing Rear Motor Mount Installed

    Here's a little ride along, the vibration will get better over time. After about 1500 miles it's better and we'll worth the wait.
  8. Eibach Springs Available Soon!

    The ride quality is great, in my area the roads are average I do swerve to avoid larger potholes bUT I do that in every car. On my youtube channel I posted this ride along video I'll try to post a link. The install was fairly easy but I wouldn't recommend it if you've never done it. Pro civic...
  9. Eibach Springs Available Soon!

    FWIW I drive roughly 100 miles a day and there isn't much of a difference in ride quality at all, I hit the same bumps, train tracks etc as did before installing the springs. 1500 miles so far zero complaints other than I need to get my alignment done LOL
  10. DIY: Clear side marker lamp housing swap

    even with the 2 missing it still fits/functions 100% in the amber housing. and unless you told someone you removed the tabs no one would ever know.
  11. Post your tinted windows

    Here's a few I took while sitting at a stop light, I mean obviously the windshield is tinted but it's not that bad. I wouldn't suggest it to anyone who has vision problems obviously.
  12. Post your tinted windows

    15% all side and hatch, 35% full windshield I fell a lot of people over excited when they hear tinted windshield. I took this pic with my front windows down, you can see thru the windshield just fine.
  13. Eibach Springs Available Soon!

    Sportlines the ride quality is unbelievable!!! Check out the walk around video I did
  14. Eibach Springs Available Soon!

    forgive me I'm confused lol. the springs come with warranty card, instructions to cut/trim bump stops and parts sheet as the springs have part #'s and fronts have different numbers and that's about it. as far as install I've done a bunch so parts of it is just hands on knowledge, procivic did...
  15. Adding 4Ch Amp Questions

    I've looked do you know what wires to tap into for signal? I have lc6i I was going to use to convert the signal to low level output. I was going to pull the headunit and pull right from there just unsure on what wires.
  16. anybody running the AF dynamic intake yet?

    I've read multiple times now that intakes do not ad any horsepower, did you ad for the sound>?
  17. Sad weekend for the Civic!

    I wish you luck, the insurance will cover repair at any shop you choose, unless the shop is being completely uncooperative. As far as you concern with the alignment I'm not sure why the shop hasn't removed the wheel to visually inspect the suspension. again good luck.
  18. Boomba Racing Rear Motor Mount Installed

    Try what again? I never went back to stock still have the Boomba mount it's fine now and a great replacement zero wheel hop issues.
  19. Eibach Springs Available Soon!

    I'm the complete opposite LOL, I hate having to keep adjusting them to get it to sit perfectly even.
  20. Eibach Springs Available Soon!

    no I compressed the spring and a spring compressor and used a impact gun came right off no problems, same on the stabilizer link. I did have to use a pass thru socket to tighten the links, you can pick up a nice pass thur socket set at harbor freight for under $30. MAKE SURE YOU TIGHTEN THE...