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  1. Florida FS: Type R Rims & DP

    Stock Downpipe $150 Oem Rims I have 3 rims total, looking to sell individual for spare back ups. 2 of them have brand new Nitto Nt555 on them and 1 has the stock tire still on it with little tread left. I want $300 each for the rims with the nittos And $250 for the remaining rim...
  2. ▀▄ System Motorsports || Gramlights 57DR Promo! Recognized US Dealer/Distributor of RAYS WHEELS

    Just got the Semi Gloss Black on my champ white Lowered on Swift springs Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 255/35/18
  3. Instant Jailbreak

    One flashpro unit can only be locked to one VIN # at a time. You may change the vin and unlock different ecu's. But you will not be able to take your flashpro and flash your buddys car then put it back on your car and think you both are going to ride around with a tune.
  4. Power fluctuation?

    I am in south florida too, just received intercooler so i have not installed yet. But 2 things that woke it up immensely while being stock is : -ACT Sensor mod -Pipercross Air filter The pipercross is way ahead of the K&N.
  5. Prl intake,intercooler,downpipe tune ?

    Yea theres one right here You are welcome. :lol:
  6. Instant Jailbreak

    That lasted long :thumbsup:
  7. Instant Jailbreak

    WOW , WOW , WOW , and ........ WOW Hondata has really been pushing towards being the only option people should choose for the CTR ! No competition.
  8. New Race-Ready Civic Type R TC

    New race-ready Type R available to Honda Racing Line customers***** , the all-new Type R TC race car is available to Honda Racing Line members with racing licenses exclusively through HPD****
  9. Perrin or PRL Intercooler ?

    Jan 18 Orlando Jan 19 Boca Raton(still not confirmed)
  10. Latest Honda Hack Pro v5.0.5 Is Awesome!

    Viper4Android only works with Bluetooth connected devices. But after you play with the settings the bluetooth ends up sounding better than the CarPlay connection.
  11. Tuned FK8 owners, the community needs your input

    you use 99 RON , not 99 Octane. Which is around 94 octane.
  12. New Exclusive: Yokohama Advan Racing TC4 - 18x9.5 +38 5x120 in RACING WHITE!

    Is that 5 sets in this sizing? or 5 sets just to your warehouse? Thank you in advance for reply, looking to purchase these or the 57DR next week.
  13. Why does everyone say the Type R is slow?

    :bat: nothing to see here.
  14. Perrin or PRL Intercooler ?

    Hope you used code ‘JONNYS_TYPER10’ as well for an extra 10% off!
  15. Perrin or PRL Intercooler ?

    Perrin is ordered !! Next up prl charge pipes and then hondata when they come to FL in January.
  16. Perrin or PRL Intercooler ?

    Yes and a bit more surface area up front which I like. Flanges stay oem so many options for charge pipe options. And everybody has a prl intercooler, and I wanted something different. Not saying they are bad at all cause they are my second option. Just want something different and I know Perrin...
  17. ▀▄ System Motorsports || Rays 57DR PROMO *BEGINS 9/19* - Starting $1549 SHIPPED w/ FREE CAPS + RINGS

    Do you have a set of the semi gloss black ? Looking to purchase in a few days time
  18. Perrin or PRL Intercooler ?

    Look back at my earlier post
  19. Perrin or PRL Intercooler ?

    i am pretty sure the prl charge pipes will fit. That is the combo I was planning on running as well. The flanges are the same as oem all around.