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  1. How many Miles on your CVT?

    I have a CVT Civic EX with 11,105 since I bought it in Jan 2018. No issues at all.
  2. Rear Diffuser and pipes

    @socal818 looks great!
  3. Rear Diffuser and pipes

    Meant to say “exhaust tips to clear”
  4. how good will these fit

    Like a glove, lol. I would lower it at the same time. I have 18x9.5 ET38 with 235/40 with no rubbing and Eibach Pro-Kit springs.
  5. Walk Away door locks

    Yes. Its in the manual. Very easy to do.
  6. Rear Diffuser and pipes

    That's the one I'm looking at.
  7. Rear Diffuser and pipes

    I got 3.5" x 2.5", 13" long from Amazon. I haven't connected the light and not sure I will. Got some black vinyl and gonna cover the lens for now. There's another diffuser without the light that I have my eye on but haven't decided if I'm gonna get it yet.
  8. Rear Diffuser and pipes

    Yes. You have to cut the metal in order to get the same look. Not a lot...just enough for the tires to clear.
  9. Tapatalk?

    Me too!
  10. Rear Diffuser and pipes

    I had to trim some plastic on the inside to make it fit, but was very little material that had to be removed.
  11. Spotted the new Yellow 2018 Type R!

    Did you get to look at the price?
  12. EX-L Items for Lower Models

    Using the instructions on this thread I changed my steering wheel. It’s a very easy process as long as you take your time and use the proper tools. Thanks For the detailed instructions.
  13. CVT Shifter:Threaded or Unthreaded?

    Hope this helps.
  14. Change of oil/KTuner

    If it was me, I would get the oil changed and then install the Ktuner. Either way, it shouldn't make a difference.
  15. Emissions Problem after Fog Light Install

    No. I had to bend like a pretzel to get under there and the pics I took don’t show crap.
  16. Emissions Problem after Fog Light Install

    Underneath the dash by the pedals there's a grommet that I was trying to get the wire through and nicked the wire inside the harness.
  17. New car scratches 2018 Civic

    Which Snow Foam cannon do you recommend? Just checked Amazon and there's several version.
  18. Rear Diffuser and pipes

    Looks similar to the one I got but without the pipes. Took it to a shop and they custom finished it. I like it.