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  1. Paint chipping

    I would really recommend hitting up your dealer, get with their service manager and have them help out. Crazy how Honda still doesn't acknowledge it is a problem.
  2. Paint Already Flaking/Chipping!

    I think you did everything within reason. I should have done the same tbh but am just going to take the hit I guess and hope for the best. Sometimes you have to be "that guy" for people to do the right thing, makes no sense but true haha. I have receipts of when I would hand wash and hand wax my...
  3. Paint chipping

    I seem to have that kind of luck when it comes to situations like that, it is what it is I guess. At least I won't pay the full amount. Glad you got it fully taken care of though. Thanks for the positivity! Oh nice! It's growing that's for sure, definitely a unique spot. Safe and all that good...
  4. Paint chipping

    Lmfao. I take it you'd do it yourself?
  5. Paint chipping

    For me I was able to get what they call good will at 80/20. I'll have pay 20% of the repair cost. Unfortunately they didnt help out with the side mirror so I gotta pay 750 plus tax for that. Kinda ridiculous haha but I guess it is what it is. I think I'm capable of making the swap myself but idk.
  6. Texas WTB 2016 EX-T Driver Side Mirror (Aegean Blue)

    I actually got hit up by a couple of people that seemed sketchy. Thought it was weird they wouldn't answer my questions directly. Good lookin out.
  7. Paint Already Flaking/Chipping!

    By any chance did you follow or speak to anyone in specific for them to fix it 100%. My local dealership is only offering to cover 80% of the cost of repair (Correction, Honda offered the 80/20)
  8. Texas WTB 2016 EX-T Driver Side Mirror (Aegean Blue)

    Looking for a 2016 Honda Civic EX-T driver side mirror with camera in Aegean Blue. Cash on Hand, hit me up if you have one or know where I can find one. Appreciate it!
  9. Paint chipping

    Did you all that had this issue fixed have to pay anything out of pocket? I finally got news about what they are going to do for my case. I was told that they will go ahead and cover 80% of the cost to fix the issue. Doesn't seem right to me at all. It will cost me a total of $275. Safe to say...
  10. Mirror Replacement

    Did it break due to physical damage or just on it's own over time? From what I was told, it's more work to take apart the mirror and replace the housing than it is to replace it entirely. I was just quoted for this exact issue and thought it'd be easier/cheaper to just replace the plastic black...
  11. Paint chipping

    Very nice!!! Happy for you for sure! Damn I've been waiting since the day I posted smh. I do have another issue with the side mirror that just broke out of nowhere, maybe that's what is holding things up on my side. Post up pics of your new paint so we can all celebrate for you lmao
  12. Paint chipping

    Really glad that you're getting it all fixed and paid for!! Gives me hope. What was the turnaround time like for you through the whole process. I'm still waiting on a response and the fact that they got hacked recently doesn't help.
  13. Paint chipping

    You all are not alone, just know that! I have the exact same issue, same color. 2016 EX-T. I contacted Honda Customer Service and filed a claim so let's hope they start realizing this is a legitimate issue. My car only has 9888 miles, so pissed lol. On a positive note, you all aren't having my...
  14. [2016 Civic EX NA] Finally Video While Driving

    First post on this site, hope everyone is doing well! Been eyeing these threads lately....first off, whoever found this, you're amazing lol. How does this affect warranty? Anyone know? Just don't want to give the dealership reason to give me shit. (Answer might already be here, I just haven't...