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  1. WTB 17-20 Civic Si Tire

    How much are you selling them for by any chance?
  2. WTB 17-20 Civic Si Tire

    Need to buy 2 tires, anyone have a good deal on a set?
  3. The $300 part out.

    Bump Bumper sold Ktuner 1.2v still available
  4. The $300 part out.

    Still interested?
  5. Help! Car won’t start after failed KTUNER flash

    sorry to bring back an old topic... this just happened to me. Do you also have to disconnect/connect the car battery?
  6. The $300 part out.

    Hi Everyone, I have a 2017 Si and i’m Selling my replica Type R bumper. I’ve had it on for about a year and a half. Bumper is in great condition but I’m going to be parting away in less than a year from the car so I’m letting go of pieces now to get it out of the way. The bumper is silver so...
  7. 2020 Subaru Viziv

    I had a 2015... the car looked nothing like the concept. That’s what I like about Honda, for the most part the concept turns out to be the car released with some adjustments.
  8. Clutchmasters FX350 for sale: 08150-HDFF-R

    Hey listen that’s the nature of the business... at the end I’m not aching to get it, if he sells it for more than good for him but at the end even $300 is better than nothing. In either case, glad he’s getting other offers. Good luck on the sale :)
  9. Clutchmasters FX350 for sale: 08150-HDFF-R

    Uhmm really? Wow. Any who, like I said I have $300 to toss away if interested.
  10. Clutchmasters FX350 for sale: 08150-HDFF-R

    I have $300 in the bank... can transfer tomorrow. Pm me if interested. GL with sale man!
  11. WTB: Si Tire

    anyone know where I can buy one single tire for my Si at a good deal?
  12. FS: CTR OEM shifter parts

    Are you possibly going to sell the shift knob?
  13. Fastest and easiest way to chrome delete your Honda

    @Kooltint just placed my order (need it in matte black.) can’t wait to receive/install :)
  14. 2016+ Civic Led Projector Headlight from TRS

    I have a pair of depo led lights... lightning is just fine. I don’t understand why people keep complaining of the output. What are you trying to light up, the world? I had a set of HIDs... these lights come VERY close to the output but also give a better look. Tonight driving around I turned off...
  15. DEPO LED Lights

    Lights installed Wednesday, couple rain showers and no issues. I reached out to a couple other members here who have the same lights and they have no complaints. most will argue that the lights don’t project too well but honestly they do a very good job. First night I had them installed with my...
  16. 2019 Civic Hatch

    Did I see vtec? Is this being carried on to all models?
  17. Hondata FlashPro

    Bump... great deal boys & girls!
  18. DEPO LED Lights

    Sure thing, I’ll take a photo or tonight... hopefully the weather holds as it has been raining more often in my area lately but then again it’s miami.