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  1. Redline question

    As we continue this conversation from three years ago, I would like to add if you still have the factory turbocharger you are well past it's efficiency range at 7000rpm. While extra headroom is never a bad thing, you'll need a pretty serious turbo to justify taking this engine up to 8000rpm.
  2. How fucked am I ?!

    I've done several of these. One extra washer per stud. (two washers per stud total) ARP part number 200-8592 is the pack of extra washers.
  3. Radar Detectors?

    Thanks, sounds like I need to shop around.
  4. Radar Detectors?

    What kind of a margin are you seeing on the Redline 360c? Only about 12.5% on my end. I'm thinking my wholesale source is a bit high.
  5. Radar Detectors?

    For what it's worth the 360c seems to be pretty readily available online at various retailers and also in stock at a wholesaler I checked with. Perhaps they have restocked since you last checked? It does have a heck of a price tag though.
  6. ProKit Spring users, any blown shocks?

    I think the Pro Kit is a solid choice that you can go with and not have to worry about. :thumbsup:
  7. Seasucker rack for sedan owners

    Found an old photo. Don't have the car or the bike anymore but this should answer your question.
  8. Seasucker rack for sedan owners

    I feel like it was probably behind the sunroof just because I don't recall the Talon fitting in front of it.
  9. E85 stft rise 17%

    (three pages later) :doh: :dunno:
  10. Seasucker rack for sedan owners

    If I recall correctly they tell you to not attach it to a sunroof.
  11. Catless downpipe.

    Yes, it does have one. (behind the front pipe)
  12. Seasucker rack for sedan owners

    It has been a while but from what I recall I had it near the sunroof. Some parts of the roof are definitely more rigid than others.
  13. Catless downpipe.

    A catless downpipe with the factory Si "catback" is a recipe for rasp. Adding any resonator should help. The Vibrant Ultra Quiet recommended above is always a good option.
  14. Etunez ?

    That website has came up several times on the forum and the general consensus is that you get what you pay for. It is hard to expect a proper custom tune at that price point.
  15. Seasucker rack for sedan owners

    I've used a Seasucker on both the tenth gen Civics and Accords without issue. :thumbsup:
  16. (1.5T) Solid results from MSD Blaster Ignition Coils

    Did you have to modify the connector on either side to get them to plug in? They are not listed as a direct fit for the 1.5T.
  17. Dislike the TSP Stage 1.5 tune?

    I'm curious, in what gear and from approximately what RPM did you go wide open throttle in?
  18. E85 stft rise 17%

    Sorry but you do in fact have it backwards. Long story short, the ECU has to add MORE fuel to maintain a proper AFR, it adds fuel, the fuel trim is positive.
  19. Flashes of super high knock count?

    I would recommend posting a log. A datalog, not to be confused with the one you drove over. :) I'm guessing there is not much to this but the datalog will tell the tale.
  20. E85 stft rise 17%

    No, not with the limited amount of E85 you are adding.