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  1. FBO Coupe Breaks Up Around 3200RPM

    Long time, no update. I replaced the injectors a while back ago with new OEM ones and the issue persists. However, I noticed it's way less if I prime the fuel pump a couple times before starting the car. I suspect the FP or HPFP is failing. I'll most likely try the FP as it's the cheapest for...
  2. Almost died on the highway today

    Dude, I've been watching the whole Jeremy Dewitte saga since day one. :rofl:
  3. FBO Coupe Breaks Up Around 3200RPM

    Unfortunately, this is quite true. I'm fortunate enough to still be working remotely. However, I'm working more than ever and haven't had time to do much with the car. I did check over everything and it doesn't look like I have any vacuum leaks and I build boost very fast. It's looking more and...
  4. MAPerformance - L15B7 Upgraded Oil Pump on its way!

    Mix this with a better baffled oil pan and tracking the Si is starting to look more and more enticing for me. :D
  5. How has COVID-19 affected your life so far..

    Pros: I can Work From Home. Business As Usual. Salary, so pay is steady. Make Enough To Keep The Family Afloat. Cons: Wife's Work Closed for 2 Weeks Minimum. Wife's Not Getting Paid. Son's School Is Closed Until May. Idiot's Hoarding Toilet Paper
  6. Stimulus package purchase?!

    A lot of people in this thread have no idea what a Stimulus Package is and what it's for. But the above quote is a good explanation of it.
  7. Coronavirus...

    My previous job let me work from home for 6 months. They saw an increase in performance because nobody was around to bug/disturb me. :thumbsup:
  8. Coronavirus...

    Got word from my work today that I am to work from home for the next 2 weeks. :headbang:
  9. Streets of Willow Vlog! 1/25/2020

    You can use SA2010, but if you're purchasing a helmet, may as well get SA2015+. If it's Snell approved, you'll be fine.
  10. Streets of Willow Vlog! 1/25/2020

    Snell SA2015+ helmet if you have one. If not, you can rent one there. :thumbsup: I'm not sure what you mean by volunteer for track time. You're paying for track time LOL. You can get 1-2 15min sessions every hour for almost 8 hours. Plenty of seat time.
  11. Streets of Willow Vlog! 1/25/2020

    If anyone is interested in tracking, my buddies run an event called "Touge2Track". Next event is May 15th. Great for first timers who want to learn for the lowest price around! Bonus: Here's my XGen On Big Willow
  12. Muffler delete for daily driving?

    Wife's car has stock FP, DP and Resonator, but deleted Mufflers. It gives the car a nice tone but is still quiet. I can hear her arriving based on deep tone and not pure noise when she gets home.
  13. FBO Coupe Breaks Up Around 3200RPM

    Funny you mention that; my car is around 28K right now. Since the issue started, I've only ran 91 with the hopes of clearing any blockages. However, the problem still persists. I'm probably going to swap injectors with my wife and see how that goes. Did you end up replacing yours? Yeah...
  14. FBO Coupe Breaks Up Around 3200RPM

    Good eye. I didn't know what to really look for. So it is looking like injectors then huh?
  15. FBO Coupe Breaks Up Around 3200RPM

    Here's a screenshot of the spreadsheet log. High-lighted is right when I let off the throttle.
  16. FBO Coupe Breaks Up Around 3200RPM

    That's what I've been leaning towards.I may swap injectors with my wife's Si to see what happens. Afterall, Honda has a known issue with them.
  17. FBO Coupe Breaks Up Around 3200RPM

    Fixed, my bad. :doh: KDLG File