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  1. What is the recirculating plate’s vacuum hose diameter?

    Bought an HKS BOV Adapter (hold the bov hate please) but I think with the BOV housing being so tall I might need to extend the line. what is the diameter for the HKS nipple that I would need to replace the housing? also, would I need to use the in-line filter that came with the HKS?
  2. What did you do to your Type R today?

    quick question, the part numbers shown, are they just the colored spoiler or does it include the deck lid too? Also, how is it mounted?
  3. [WTB] MST Intake for 1.5T non-Si

    Looking to buy this intake for non-Si Civics. Drop your offers below!
  4. looking for an intake anyone selling ?

    For Si or Type R or 1.5T or 2.0?
  5. FS: Hondata Flashpro RACE

    Flashpro unlocked as pictured Includes all connectors $500 shipped

    I have the CVT on my hatchback, would you guys have a compatible TSP stage 1 tune for that?
  7. 1.5T Will a Type R Ktuner work with my hatchback?

    My friend is looking to sell me his Ktuner V2 but he has a Type R. I have a hatchback but I’m not sure if the @KTuner unit will be compatible.

    Pretty self explanatory, please comment below what is included, price, pictures would be great of the actual item.
  9. FS: Non-Si Injen CAI

    For sale is a brand new injen cold air intake for non-Si 1.5T engines Box is a bit damaged from shipping but all parts are new never installed Price: $250 shipped or $220 local meet in Los Angeles, CA
  10. WTB some parts

    Got a new in box Injen Cold Air (box is a bit damaged from shipping) but all parts are not damaged or ever installed
  11. [FS] Megan Racing Type R Strut Bar

    No, only Type Rs
  12. Can I fit 275/35 tires on my Hatch?

    I'm looking to buy a new set of wheels that are 18x9.5 +45 but I'm not too sure if 275 wide tires is too wide to fit with a 9.5. I've come across some sites that say 275 is the max and some that say 275 is too large. I'm currently on coilovers and wanted to see if anyone else runs something...
  13. WTB short ram or cai

    I have an AEM intake I have for sale. Includes all mounting hardware and filter sock. $250 shipped or $220 local in so cal
  14. WTB FK7 Parts

    I have an AEM cold air intake for $250 shipped