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  1. Vinyl wrap trim

    Oooh okay thanks I'll order it now!
  2. How many miles do you have on your Civic?

    Just got back from a 4 day trip she's now sitting at about 1200!
  3. Vinyl wrap trim

    I know I've been recommended the brand of wrap. I was asking how much I would need to purchase
  4. Vinyl wrap trim

    For anyone that's already wrapped all the chrome pieces on their sedan, how much wrap did you have to use?
  5. Turbo Upgrade Sneak Peek

    How much do you guys think we can expect this to run for? $$$
  6. Eibach Sportline

    Appreciate it! I tried searching for a thread assuming there would already be on but for some reason nothing showed up.
  7. Eibach Sportline

    Anyone have the Eibach sport line springs installed on their sedan? I'm looking into these but wanna see what the drop looks like. Pics pics pics please!
  8. Gloss black wrap

    It looks great! I think I'll have to get a roll of that. Was the front grill difficult?
  9. Gloss black wrap

    I'm wanting to wrap all the chrome pieces on my Civic but I'm not sure what's a good quality wrap to use. Anyone have any recommendations? If you have pictures of it on a vehicle that would be helpful too.