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  1. No sound after speaker install

    Weird if one speaker connection is faulty the whole sound system didnt work
  2. No sound after speaker install

    this happened to me once when i installed new speakers on my civic, it was because of a loose connection on one of the speakers, sometimes hitting the speaker area would get the speaker going again but i just rechecked the connections and it worked
  3. Audio lack of bass with aftermarket sub

    just get the audiocontrol lc2i
  4. Audio lack of bass with aftermarket sub

    Our stock head units have Bass Roll off so after a certain point the bass does not increase when the volume does, setting gains wont really help and yes an AudioControl LC2i with ACCUBASS will help. Do you have the 7 inche touch screen? if so you can get hondahack and get android viper4android...
  5. 4 Gauge Amp power wire route

    I used this grommet
  6. Premium audio DSP users

    I used this tool And your DSP might have a phase function so you can just correct it there if some speakers are not on the same phase
  7. Premium audio DSP users

    Check your speaker polarity one or some speakers might be off and its killing the sound
  8. OEM Head Unit Replacement

    Someone did itnthe switch and couldnt get the brightness down I say just buy a used one on ebay, they are totally not worth it new
  9. 2020 Si Full Audio Rework

    If you are going to put alot of money in the sound system you should get a way better DSP At lease a AudioControl DM810 quality DSP or higher Because not all DSPs sounds the same does the AXDSPX-HN3 actually does summing of...
  10. Suggestions on sub for 2017 Civic EX?

    I actually used the NVX wiring kit which is reasonably priced for what it is but for you who is just installing a power sub you only really need a power and ground and fuse because the P300-10 take high level inputs and auto turn on so you dont even need a LOC or a remote turn on wire. For...
  11. Suggestions on sub for 2017 Civic EX? this place sells it BUT they are very hit or miss on actually having it in stock, I had a few issues with them but they are always like the cheapest reputable car audio online store, their customer service can suck...
  12. 2019 Sport / Powered Subwoofer

    good luck to you hopefully you dont have too much doubt
  13. 2019 Sport / Powered Subwoofer

    You sure you up for this install, i dont think you are ready? Maybe shop around and see how much an install will cost you.
  14. 2019 Sport / Powered Subwoofer

    Might as well tap the the accessory wire for the remote turn on too while youre at the back of the radio. This will help you find which wire to tap on the radio But if your gonna just trap the rear...
  15. Center display dead - $1350+ taxes to replace?!

    Thats not the right radio he needs the 7 inch screen
  16. Center display dead - $1350+ taxes to replace?!

    buy a used on ebay they usually 200-300 and they are easy to replace You can try maybe removing the radio and checking the two connections on the bottom of the screen in the back that might be the cause.
  17. 2019 Sport / Powered Subwoofer

    I heard you can through the fuse box but never tried it That subwoofer is independent from the speakers so it will not harm them
  18. 2019 Sport / Powered Subwoofer

    there are passive and active line output converter, the PAC SNI-35 is a passive so you dont need to power it. The remote turn on has to be connected to the amp to let it know when to turn it on, i tapped the back of the head unit for that. and not sure what you mean by hurt your speakers but 100...
  19. Charging system error. Just had rockford fosgate subwoofer p500-12 installed.

    Did they install the P500-12P correctly? are they using the smart turn on or the remote turn on? Your car is a 2016 like mine and when I upgraded my sounds sytem I was testing with in car ACCESSORY mode and killed the battery and i bought a battery with a higher Cranking Amps, i think take your...