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  1. Transmission is slipping. Help.

    I get what you're saying bro and my bad for miss reading your post. I think I'm just gonna wait to get the cvt cooler kit installed than get the flash back on but take it to a pro tuner and get the car set up a way I'd feel good driving it in. Should the trans still go I could do the junkyard...
  2. Transmission is slipping. Help.

    You're missing the or I asked him a question. But none the less i took a re-read at his post and realized that he mentioned he is on the cvt. No need to get snappy lol like wtf I thought you wrote something meaningful.
  3. Transmission is slipping. Help.

    Is yours cvt or manual? The manuals hold up fine. Either way like it's been stated on multiple threads milage varies with all these things. 300 km on a highway is nothing your right but 300km in my city traffic is a big difference. Idk where you're from but I'm certain it's not a NY only thing...
  4. Transmission is slipping. Help.

    I'm looking into the prl one.
  5. Transmission is slipping. Help.

    Neo, it appears you drive less than me and the OP overall but that's fine I'm more intrested in the CVT cooler it sounds like it makes a big difference. Currently I'm not driving past 2K rpm. Someone had recommended I bring my cars ride height back to stock. Their theory was that as my cvt...
  6. Transmission is slipping. Help.

    Use your own discretion, and I say that humbly. I honestly will try my best to avoid reflashing but it's tough keeping it honest with you. Knowing what the car can do and can be its agitating not being able to use it's full potential. However in my case I'm 1 transmission in and a new valve...
  7. Transmission is slipping. Help.

    I forgot to add and ask does anyone know of any cvt civic x members that bought into the transmission coolant pack by prl? I wonder if that addition makes a difference.
  8. Transmission is slipping. Help.

    Update so Honda warrantied 2nd time. Just picked up the car. They told me that this time they reviewed my driving patterns and said I do a lot of stop and go. They didnt mention the tuning, I guess maybe they dont reset the tcm or do or they already fixed me once having a tune so maybe they...
  9. Transmission is slipping. Help.

    Hey seems I found an up to date thread about cvt and ktuner or hondata. So I have already gone through one cvt and now gonna be on my second one. I have a hondata flashpro 6+ on my hatch ST. The first time I flashed the car I cant remember the exact miles but I put it on around 17,400 in March...
  10. FK7Elites

    Hey just seeing this my bad on the Facebook page I dont think have finished the page officially. I'll take a look a that in a few I'm at work right now but I appreciate your interest let's keep in touch.
  11. FK7Elites

    CivicX community I have decided to form a club after much deliberation. The club name I have come up with is FK7Elites so far I have made an Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube(dont know why I made a youtube). I am looking for any fk7 owners that have a genuine interest in filling official slots...
  12. CTR at (or below?!!) sticker NICE LIST!

    My bad guys didnt mean to waste you're time with the original madison Honda post. But I appreciate yall letting me know what's up.
  13. CTR at (or below?!!) sticker NICE LIST!

    Madison honda here in nj has posted the polished metallic gray on the website its msrp but no one will confirm adm. 35k and change wouldn't be to bad for a type r I how ever am in no position to do so. Hopefully it helps one of u guys though.
  14. 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback

    The new rolla hatch is a step in the right direction and I know numbers aren't everything but it's still shy some power to match the civic sedan, it wouldn't even stand a chance with the sport hatchback, I mean if red light races and playing on the highway is your sort of thing hehe. I love the...
  15. Replica Type R Wing. When & where?

    My cousin painted it piece by piece. Idk what they did exactly but I had to guess with the gun
  16. Replica Type R Wing. When & where?

    If I'm understanding you the color code for the car is on the sticker placed on the frame of the drivers door. It's up to you how you paint it I did color match for the two outer pieces of the wing and the top garnishes and vortex fins and the center piece of the wing I did it in black. But if...
  17. May need your guys help

    Bro and rest of the civic fam problem resolved thanks you. I'm thinking of leave this up maybe some one else may find this useful.
  18. May need your guys help

    Yo my brother you are the man ever since I joined this forum you've always been helpful I hope you know I appreciate that I'm gonna leave the Office 2 go home In a few And take care of it. So just to cap off then open up flash manager open the tune I have saved which is just the base 6, go into...
  19. May need your guys help

    Hmm I will look into that my brother. I won't lie I figured the base +6 would set the ECU to all its proper settings if it's something to do with the flashpro I'll look into for sure thanks for this piece of knowledge as you can see I wasn't aware there was a secondary o2. I'm looking around and...
  20. May need your guys help

    Ok fam I haven't had a chance to look into it thoroughly, I just got to work and I have a little time to post up. I may need your guys help. So to put a little context, I have a 17 HB ST, it has been 6 days since the install of the PRL front and down pipes, and the takeda intake. It's been 5...