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  1. NSX wheels!

    The silver H emblem that is on the NSX dark metallic grey matching caps is not glued to the flat surface of the center cap, it is held on by two pins. It is different than the black Type R center cap in that the silver H emblem is a operate piece which is held in place by the pins which go...
  2. NSX wheels!

    The vinyl I used is fairly thick so not worried about chipping as much as it staying stuck not there. The good news is that the plastic silver H emblem has two posts that go through the vinyl into the center cap. This along with the physical edge of the silver H logo should keep it on for some...
  3. [HELP] OEM VTEC Solenoid oil pressure switch thread size

    OK, thanks Chris. If anyone else ever figures out the thread size of the oil pressure sensor on the back of the engine block please post up
  4. [HELP] OEM VTEC Solenoid oil pressure switch thread size

    Chris, just wondering if you ever found the answer to your question. I'm still trying to figure out what to use for the OEM oil pressure sensor port on the block..
  5. NSX wheels!

    I purchased a set of matching gunmetal center caps and gently pulled off each silver plastic H logo. I then custom cut four red vinyl decals in the same shape as the red background on the red R center caps and stuck them on the center of the gunmetal caps before pushing the silver H logos back...
  6. Thoughts on 2021 LE BBS rims?

    /\ Guess he didn't have his cheap winters on...
  7. Drivers seat clicking

    Nice find and write up
  8. BBS Forged Type-R Wheels Quotes!

    Mother of pearl... and I thought NSX rims were a bit steep - lol.
  9. RSR Forged - 18x9.5" et40 - ...built for the Type R

    Maybe i'm wrong but wouldn't a 10.5" wide rim with +45 offset and 295 tires end up rubbing up front?
  10. [HELP] OEM VTEC Solenoid oil pressure switch thread size

    I ran into the same issue when I tried to install an oil pressure guage transducer at that location as there was no room left on my sandwich plate... After doing some research I was pretty sure it was 1/8 BSPT and I bought that adapter but when my mechanic tried to install the 1/8 BSPT adapter...
  11. That time a year already! Who has their CTR put away for the winter?

    I think the reason more stuff has not fallen off the 04 TSX I winter driver is because I use an annual rust spray. Its messy and rubber dissent like it but it sure has help keep it together.
  12. That time a year already! Who has their CTR put away for the winter?

    Ottawa, Canada here. The salt they use on the roads here is unreal and it eats away at everything. I stored both the Shelby and the CTR last week (first week of Nov) as I have done every winter since I got them. Makes a huge difference in how much longer they will last. Just last week I had to...
  13. S.E.S Making oil cooler kit for 2020 models using Type R TC Oil cooler core bar and plate.

    Dan, if you test it in the heat on the track as you have mentioned you may want to also pull out the fog light while testing this set up on the track. It is very easy to do (two screws and unclip a wire harness) and it will definitely get more air into the oil cooler for cooling.. I like the...
  14. PEEFREE's Civic Type R FK8 Build thread - Track / Street

    Will, as others have said best track build thread on this forum. A lot of good info. I cannot blame you for moving on. I cannot believe the poor luck you had with your car. Still a very cool modded CTR though. Good luck with the Supra. Saw one on one of my track days and the thing seemed fast...
  15. Civic Type R After-market Wheel Guide

    @joecang72, what type and size of tires did you go with? Any rubbing?
  16. So.... I bought a Track Monster

    Monster is the right term for sure. Very interested in hearing your thought between the two once you get a chance to track it.
  17. 2018-2019 Fuel Pump Motor Recall

    Dan, great to have a Master Tech on here. Thank you for your insight and info.
  18. Is This Winter Combo OK?

    The front brake disk is now a 2-piece for the 2020 but nothing else about the brakes has changed. Generally for winter tires you want to run a narrower rim and tire (helps cut into or through the snow better and keeps the grime off the side of your car). Stock offset is +60. The lower the...
  19. 2018-2019 Fuel Pump Motor Recall

    Thank you Dan. Always good to hear from those doing the work. Didn't realize how much of a bear this job was. Good info and really helps to explain why some are having issues after the fact.
  20. Early Opinions re Track Use

    Dave, thank you for the write up. Clearly you have a lot more track/seat time than I do, as I am just starting out. I did do one track day this summer at Shannoville. I was using the following set up in addition to a few cooling mods; - G-Loc R-8 front pads, GS-1 rear pads, - Girodisc front...