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  1. ISO/WTB oem turbo assembly for fk8

    Have you tried taking the turbo to a machine shop? My Machinist was able to get out my hotside studs despite all my efforts and a lot cheaper than getting another turbo.
  2. California SPOTLESS 2017' White CTR For Sale: Open to all REASONABLE offers

    Ad says "open to all reasonable offers"....

    I only chose the one I did because I didn't think "icy tipper" would be a good option :p I always consider what plates could also be interpreted as...
  4. Texas WTB HB Trunk Taillight and Rear Spoiler

    How about this option?
  5. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Looks like you got a little "too" excited there and sprayed all over your car... I can hear you saying "take that you filthy *****" Oh and those tattoos don't help the situation either.
  6. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Yeah but will worth it... You have nothing but top notch. Boosteds interior is by far one of the cleanest I have seen.
  7. Has Anyone Upgraded Their Stock Brake Roters To The New 2020 Two Piece One's?

    I just looked at Tegiwa and they are 282 pounds which comes out to roughly $380 in dollars. I would think shipping is at least $100 making them almost $500 shipped to the U.S. . Unless they just happened to have free shipping. I stand corrected. I just used the Tegiwa shipping calculator to...
  8. Vinyl recommendation

    Very informative. I've been getting my Avery from RVinyl but will check out Fellers. Thanks.
  9. Vinyl recommendation

    It's actually double the price of Vivvid and 3m but it's a lot easier to work with. I was able to do my roof in half the time and looks perfect. It stretches a lot easier.
  10. Got a thud or bang when car is cold......

    That was my first thought. Brake pad stuck to the rotor on the rear after the brake is released. It does make this sound. Happens to me also when the car has been sitting for a bit or after washing the car and the rotor has been wet and then releasing the ebrake.
  11. Vinyl recommendation

    What brand are you running? I've experimented with a few different brands and Avery is my current favorite but always looking for others.
  12. Anyone running this Depo "Porsche style" sidemarkers?

    I think price is on point and quality is one of the best out there. There is a reason Mugen chose Depo to make their tail lights.
  13. Anyone running this Depo "Porsche style" sidemarkers?

    I've been running them and they are great quality. I've ran depo brand on several of my cars so figured it was worth a try. Best of all for me...they fit well on the type R. My buddy @Whoskyle is running the white light version and they also look great.
  14. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Those are a trip. The ones I have coming are different as I have a 2019 and am integrating a larger sequential. Again might as well do it all at once. It's really too bad I wasn't doing this when I installed my defrost and signal mirrors over a year ago. It's a lot nicer when you can do all...
  15. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Yeah man their kit is legit. When I opened the box I was quite impressed with the quality of the kit. Even the switch is an oem honda part.
  16. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Looks great. I gotta get off my lazy butt and do mine. Still waiting on my turn signal housings though to do it all at the same time. Congrats brother!
  17. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Haha "bang for the buck". Shell casings and a buck. This guy! 🤣
  18. FREE Ceramic Spray ($41.95)

    I used this nano sealant and it's great stuff. I had the bottle for several months and used it to seal a few cars. Thumbs up to Suma for making this. The water really beads off the car well and also applies well on glass.
  19. Smoke and smell after downpipe install?

    Just installed my prl a couple weeks ago and yes the burning was normal. I also had smoke coming from my turbo blanket which is the fiberglass burning. But now after a little driving it has gone away. But, I have heard it can even last up to 1k miles.
  20. Sequence Manufacturing Titanium Exhaust

    I checked for leaks throughout the system and no there weren't any. It was just condensation from the heat of the pipes as it's a brand new exhaust and it was cold out.