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  1. Handkraftd Steering Wheel

    I was on the notification list for when the leather one became available and immediately bought it when I got the notification. Unfortunately, the owner said there was a glitch in the system and that he didn’t have any in stock and was waiting on an ETA from his manufacturer for when they would...
  2. Got my Ultra Racing lower rear bar and I don't have a clue

    Do you remember the torque specs for the trunk brace? Great info btw
  3. What Front Splitter is everyone running?

    I feel you on this. My splitter from Downforce Solutions came the exact same way. It’s all kinds of frustrating when you pay $275 for a part and can’t even get instructions on how to install it. Hell, my $40 side markers came with detailed instructions on how to install them.
  4. Indiana Drivers?

    I think it would cure a little bit of the cabin fever I have going on right now, but I’m really looking forward to breaking out the foam cannon more than anything....I’m addicted to washing my car‍♂️
  5. Indiana Drivers?

  6. Indiana Drivers?

    Yo✊ With gas prices this low I think I may do a couple laps around 465 this weekend
  7. Traded SI in. Several aftermarket parts FOR SALE!!!

    Willing to buy the PRL CAI if it’s non Si and street version
  8. Test drove a 2017 Civic Touring, and I am disappointed at how good it is

    The only complaint I have about my ‘17 Touring was the chrome that came with it. Deleting it was my first mod
  9. WTB: PRL STREET CAI NON SI/Buddy Club All Leather steering wheel

    Looking for new or like new
  10. What Front Splitter is everyone running?

    I have one on my car cause I think it looks sexy AF!
  11. SOLD: DOWNFORCE SOLUTIONS Splitter, Side Skirts, and Diffuser for Sedan

    Still have the diffuser? Also, was your sedan lowered at all?
  12. What Front Splitter is everyone running?

    Downforce Solutions splitter and skirts
  13. Indiana Drivers?

    I should be able to make it!
  14. KTuner / Tunerview Bluetooth Syncing Issue

    Has a new version been released yet?
  15. Indiana Drivers?

    For sure! Love me some Nickys...they just opened a huge Rocky Patel bar downtown too
  16. Indiana Drivers?

    Word! I’m waiting on the dealership to fix my car, but as soon as they do let’s link up.
  17. Indiana Drivers?

    Just LED lights, footwell lights and a dash cam. If you don’t have a dash cam installed, I highly recommend it. I took my car in for an oil change and the tech ran my front splitter into the sidewalk and bent the hell out of it. I didn’t notice it until 2 days later. Checked the footage and he...
  18. Indiana Drivers?

    Not a Type R owner, but I’m always down for a meet
  19. *Introduction of Members

    Nice collection! I’m in Indianapolis as well