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  1. P2R (PowerRevRacing) Full Catback Exhaust

    Yes, it will work with the stock front pipe. You may need a gasket but the bolt pattern is the same.
  2. P2R (PowerRevRacing) Full Catback Exhaust

    I think they made the system in a batch and then discontinued them. They are no longer available unless you purchase one used.
  3. Post Your Aftermarket Head Unit

    Is there an updated Tesla-style HU with the PX5, and at least Android 8.0? Also, how can I make your HU compatible with a Civic Type R Touring...
  4. Opinions for a new head unit.

    We tried this, the head unit fits but the antitheft kicks in after 3 minutes... Also, the climate controls have different plugs for the 16-18 vs 19+ So answer is no, it won't work...
  5. Cell Phone Holder Mount

    Has anyone seen the new Insight? Absolutely zero question on where to put your phone... There's a perfect pocket right next to the shift buttons...
  6. Post Your Aftermarket Head Unit

    Yes but Phoenix also said they had a newer version coming out with updated hardware and firmware
  7. Post Your Aftermarket Head Unit

    I haven't seen anyone really with the Tesla style unit... It's really hard to find any decent videos online too... I wish I had the resources to make a HU because I would and I'd also leave the bootloader unlocked so you can flash custom firmware if you wanted or even better, just keep the...
  8. Post Your Aftermarket Head Unit

    I just need a HU like the Phoenix Tesla-style but running updated hardware, built-in support for Android Auto, HD radio, compatible with the factory amp on Touring models, theming/styles of the UI, HD display... is that too much to ask?
  9. Aftermarket taillights

    what are the actual fit differences between the sedan and hatchback?
  10. Aftermarket taillights

    been looking for these for my Type R... i'd rather get these than LED bulbs for 1/3 the price.
  11. Broward/Dade Check-in

    added you guys... same name on IG for me
  12. Opinions for a new head unit.

    I haven't heard anything about the amp... And they are pretty unresponsive lately... So I haven't pulled the trigger on this unit yet because I wanted the one with the updated specs... But so far no word from anyone and their website has conflicting info now...
  13. P2R (PowerRevRacing) Full Catback Exhaust

    There's some drone but really only when accelerating a bit aggressively... Cruising around it's very minimal... Louder than stock of course but not even close to unbearable...
  14. P2R (PowerRevRacing) Full Catback Exhaust

    Another teaser... Made some adjustments and added the tips... It's still on the lift and I'm at work so I'll have to get the sound clips after work... Correct... But the sound would change based on it being under the car vs coming out of the back...
  15. P2R (PowerRevRacing) Full Catback Exhaust

    Got my clamp!!! Gonna try to get it put on tomorrow and then make some sound clips for everyone!
  16. P2R (PowerRevRacing) Full Catback Exhaust

    No, all of my bolts came right off... No issues... Soaked in a PB blaster-like product for a bit, and they twisted right off...
  17. P2R (PowerRevRacing) Full Catback Exhaust

    I got the wrap he recommended to me... I picked everything up from him... Make sure you have 3 clamps lol...
  18. P2R (PowerRevRacing) Full Catback Exhaust

    So I have the full system installed now... I don't want to get clips yet because I forgot to grab the clamp to put on the tips... So I'm leaving it off for now and the droning inside is loud af because the exhaust is just hitting inside the bumper and echoing into the cabin... Once I get that...