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  1. Glove Box Light

    Oh that's strange could be a bad one you got but it's light and sensor activated so it wont turn on unless it's dark enough in addition to the sensor. Sometimes it turns on if my car is dark enough during the day but it always turns on at night for me.
  2. Glove Box Light

    I originally was gonna run wires and put in led lights but that project got put on the backburner so long that I decided to just buy this: It's light and sensor activated and you can't see it mounted at the...
  3. GAS Civic Hatchback Spoiler

    Smh, the "replica" has been out for months already but the real one still isn't available? Not sure what else can be changed on it unless they are doing a whole redesign.
  4. Official AEGEAN BLUE Civic Thread

    What wheels and size are those? They look great!
  5. GAS Civic Hatchback Spoiler

    Maybe it's a specific for the Thai civic hatch/si's because I don't see why anyone would purposely add that front plate part.
  6. GAS Civic Hatchback Spoiler

    I saw this front lip for the si/hatch from the same company. I want to get one of those!
  7. Type R front lip

    Anyone know if the Type R side skirts fit the hatch?
  8. Map light mod

    Is this for the LX/Sport models? I'm pretty sure my hatch ex is already doing this or there was a setting for it in the menus.
  9. Chrome turn signal bulbs

    How's the output compared to stock?
  10. Installed black oem spoiler on white hatch

    That looks good! Did you wrap the new spoiler? Why not just wrap your white spoiler?
  11. Eibach Springs Available Soon!

    Ride quality is pretty much the same, it's stiffer over bumps which is expected. Loaded suspension is pretty much is the same as before. I believe the squeaking sound is coming from my CV boot leaking. I'm gonna try to clean it up and add more grease and replace the clamp on it.
  12. Eibach Springs Available Soon!

    It comes and goes and I'm still not sure what it is lol. I'm gonna try to retorque everything when I get back in town
  13. Front Struts

    I had someone come and push down on the lower arm with their foot and was able to get it to slide out.
  14. Eibach Springs Available Soon!

    Update: it seems like the sound mostly went away which was strange. I'm actually starting to think its my passenger seat squeaking but it's hard to tell while I'm driving and when I'm parked I can't replicate the sound.
  15. Eibach Springs Available Soon!

    I have an ex hatch lowered on the sportlines and I recently started getting a slight squeaking sound somewhere in the front right of my hatch. I have put about maybe 1500 miles on my springs and I have only just noticed this. I usually only hear the sound on light bumps on my front right wheels...
  16. Civic Hatchback/Sedan/Coupe Aero Parts by Aeroflow Dynamics

    I'm just here waiting for more group buy people so I can get a little discount but I'm not sure how much longer I can wait! Lol
  17. Civic Hatchback/Sedan/Coupe Aero Parts by Aeroflow Dynamics

    You can put me down for the front v2 splitter. Also, looking at the side skirts, they seems to be extended pretty far out. I feel like myself or one of my passengers is going to step on or kick it. Is it just a little exaggerated for pics/because it is on top of sport side skirts or will it...
  18. More fun: No Lift shift, boost lag eliminated, 226 HP, 255 tq calibration

    Wish CVT Flashpro owners can get a little taste of that too :(
  19. Civic Hatchback/Sedan/Coupe Aero Parts by Aeroflow Dynamics

    Any pics of the side skirts and rear diffuser? Also are the rear diffusers compatible with the non sport/sport touring hatches?