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  1. COVID-19 Tracking

    I’m stuck on the cancer and reproductive harm warning. Is that just a default for their website?
  2. Idiot backed into me

    Ugh. Sorry this happened to you. I really wish they’d extend social distancing to vehicles. Especially pickup trucks.
  3. Coronavirus...

    Good time to buy. It’s like Boxing Day for stocks.
  4. poll prefer lane watch or lights on side view mirrors & beep warning for blind spot

    Well said. I wouldn’t even consider a future car that doesn’t have a side camera. It would be such a big step backwards.
  5. Any of you use a portable or a small compressor to keep your tires topped off?

    You guys are going to cringe, but I usually just eyeball my tires every now and then, and measure them with a tire pressure gauge every couple of months. They’ve been surprisingly consistent though, I’ve only needed to add/remove air 2-3 times in the 4 years I’ve owned the car, usually around...
  6. poll prefer lane watch or lights on side view mirrors & beep warning for blind spot

    Exactly this. Agree 100%. How do you know they are discontinuing it? Most manufacturers are adding cameras to give you a 360 degree view and even a birds-eye view. Why would Honda go in the opposite (and backwards) direction?
  7. Just how strong is lane assist/etc correction supposed to be?

    Same experience for me with LKAS. No bouncing effect. Works on not so light curves. Fights me pretty good when I try to leave the lane. Definitely not meant to drive on it’s own, but it is a pretty good driving aid.
  8. 1 thing you hate about your 10th gen civic?

    Yup. The most useless option ever. At least in my case.
  9. 1 thing you hate about your 10th gen civic?

    100% agree. I wish it had a heated steering wheel instead of heated rear seats.
  10. 1 thing you hate about your 10th gen civic?

    Lol be thankful you don’t have the rain sensing wipers. They have a mind of their own. On the bright side, their ridiculousness prompted me to try rain x, and I haven’t looked back since.
  11. Wiper Problem with a 2018 Civic EX Sedan

    I treated my windshield with rain x and honestly can’t remember the last time I used my wipers. This was mostly out of frustration with the “rain sensing” system (would hardly wipe in hard rain, and would go nuts in light rain).
  12. DIY AC Condenser Replacement?

    Did they say why you aren’t covered under the TSB? Is the car older than 3 years? If not then you should be covered under warranty too. The only exception is if there is damage to the condenser from a rock or something.
  13. The most useless, annoying feature in the history of automotive technology

    Even if this feature didn’t exist, wouldn’t you still have a problem with constantly unlocking your car when your fob is in your back pocket?
  14. No, your 1.5L engine is not going to break

    Well said. I’m at 120K and ZERO ISSUES. Just saying ...
  15. SO - What's the single WORST feature of your Civicx?

    Same here, I have no issues with rattles/buzzes. I’d take it up with your dealer, especially if it can be easily reproduced.
  16. 2020.0 Garmin Navigation Map Update Available

    For my last 2 updates, I skipped the “initialize the thumb drive” step. I just fire up Garmin Express every now and then. As soon as there is an update available, I load it onto the thumb drive and then install it in the car.
  17. Cruise control and manual transmission

    I see, perfect explanation, thank you. In my previous cars, adaptive cruise control wasn’t a thing (it had cruise control, but not adaptive).
  18. Cruise control and manual transmission

    Interesting. Under what circumstances would you want to change gears while in cruise control?
  19. Cruise control and manual transmission

    Ya, sounds like a trip to the dealer is needed. I don’t know anything about tuning ... could that be the cause?
  20. Cruise control and manual transmission

    The concept of cruise is to maintain speed, not revs. I don’t think it cares what gear you’re in. When it sensed the car slowing down, it kept increasing the throttle. Hopefully there is a limiter that would prevent exceeding red line. On cars I’ve owned, cruise control disengages when either...