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  1. Type R front bumper conversion

    How much did it cost you to color match the bumper, if you don't mind me asking. Also, great window decal :lol:
  2. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    It's not bad for $550 honestly. It has freeway drone, but sounds pretty amazing in the lower RPMs in Sport Manual mode. I'm sure it sounds a lot better for the non-cvt Civics.
  3. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Was a nice day so I just went out to take some photos.
  4. License plate bumper plugs

    The dealer screwed 3 Pretty bad holes into mine. It looks so ugly. Do you know exactly what size retainer you used for the plugs?
  5. Replica Type R Spoiler Installation Template

    Where did he recommended to put the washers? Between the hatch and wing? Or from inside the trunk where you put the bolt through?
  6. Lowering and CV boot accelerated failure

    They replaced the CV boot kit, which includes both sides. The wear wasn't as severe, but if you don't take care of it sooner than later, it will wear on the axle and you would have to get that replaced as well.
  7. Type r wing

    Palladium Auto Body on Mission. Ask for Nick he's the owner, does great work. Tell him Almir reffered you. I'm actually picking up some pieces from there sometime this week.
  8. Type r wing

    I'm definitely gonna re attempt to do the install again, but I am glad that this problem is not universal so there's hope of fixing it.
  9. Blow Off Valve - Boomba Racing

    Been trying to find some sound clips for it but can't. You mind uploading a few videos for us to see what it sounds like?
  10. Group Buy: fkx racing down-pipe dp kit, 10th honda civic 1.5t turbo fc/fk

    I'm interested in the dp+fp. Is local pickup available?
  11. FN2187

    The picture they are showing is two products in one. They sell a vortex generator one-piece that's installed on the roof, and then they sell the CTR replica vortex generators....but I agree, too much vortex :)
  12. FN2187

    Yea I seen those generators from ABS Dynamics, might get them when I get tired of my ghetto vents.
  13. FN2187

    Thank you man, yea I need to fill those holes (lol) and repaint them, I'm thinking of adding a little grill to them, maaaaybe. As far as the build quality, I don't expect much for $200. It's either $200 for replica, or $2500 for OEM, I don't track this car, nor do I drive it fast so I am not...
  14. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    I fabricated me some faux vents out of the OEM hatch spoiler. What do you guys think? I'm really diggin' this look, but might get rid of it. If I do, would anyone be interested in buying them? Just curious. Here's a link to a few more angles on my journal thread...
  15. FN2187

    February & March 2018: Haven't been doing much with the car lately. I did recently install a replica wing and fabricated some faux vents out of the OEM roof spoiler. Here are some photos from a little photo shoot a buddy and I did. If any of you are on IG feel free to give me a follow and say hi...
  16. Can I Come Check Out Your Exhaust...

    Now that most companies are releasing exhaust I'm really in the market for a upgrade to my stock system for my FK7. The thing is I'm a very picky person, so to avoid wasting my time ordering a exhaust I dislike I thought I'd jump on here and see if there are any members from NOR-CAL/CEN-CAL...
  17. Type R steering wheel install

    Yes. I have it on my Touring, and if you look at the screenshots above from OP, he has shifters as well.
  18. Type r wing

    I will try removing the spoiler and drilling the holes wider in the trunk to see if that will help anything, but other than that, everything else has been executed perfectly. I've also tried reaching out to ABSDynamics for help but all of my emails have been ignored and the emails that did get...
  19. Type r wing

    I paid $300 to get my ABS Dynamics wing color matched Orchid White Pearl in Hayward CA. As far as the wing goes.... I am not very happy. The vibration / wobble / bounce on the middle piece is pretty ridiculous at highway speeds. Even when adding sponge padding to all the joints and hatch when...