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  1. 2016 Civic Coupe EX-L /Modern Steel Metallic

    Haven't posted in over a year but that's only because everything with the car has been great... Decided to add a roof spoiler, pretty simple install but def need 2 people.. I didn't mount it up against the roof only because I feel closing that gap along the top but leaving it open on the sides...
  2. What is your best mpg on a full tank of gas?

    Pittsburgh, PA to Nags Head, NC is the best so far @48.2mpg 523 miles in Eco mode, I'd guess about a gallon of gas was left.. it's a nice feeling to fill up before you leave for vacation and not get gas again till the day after you get there lol. Even driving around after I waited till it hit...
  3. Warm start grinding noise news!!!!!FIX

    Yep... Drive it back, park your car, walk around for 5 minutes, get a manager and tech to walk over to your car and start it, it should make the noise... Mine always did it anything under 15 minutes from the last time I started it
  4. 2016 Civic Coupe EX-L /Modern Steel Metallic

    many thin coats and the last coat was the thickest, no clear
  5. 2016 Civic Coupe EX-L /Modern Steel Metallic

    Yep masked everything off with that 3M Green tape, and then covered literally every part of the car that wasn't being painted and used that bumper/trim paint so it lasts... yeah I plasti dip'd the chrome grill and didn't like it... it just didnt look clean plus after driving to the beach a few...
  6. Warm start grinding noise news!!!!!FIX

    The grinding noise is still gone, the jerkiness on rare occasion when i'm coming to a complete stop and touch the gas peddle quickly right before it does... but its not a big issue. Its the first time for this engine/transmission/bodystyle so I expected some things to go wrong, happens with any...
  7. Warm start grinding noise news!!!!!FIX

    but how much did you owe??? you're saying you were upside down 3700?
  8. Warm start grinding noise news!!!!!FIX

    That was the funny thing.. I dropped it off in the am... And they called me later that day to said they replicated it and ordered the part and I said okay I'll pick it up and bring it back tomorrow when they get the part... and he said "oh you don't want to leave it" uhhh noooo
  9. Warm start grinding noise news!!!!!FIX

    I just had this done @ 22,600 miles. Mine was fairly easy to replicate, just turn it off after it warms up, wait 10 minutes or so and start it again.. they kept it for a day to replicate the sound and then they replaced the lower valve body like it says in TSB 17-003. on the plus side at...
  10. 2016 Civic Coupe EX-L /Modern Steel Metallic

    ...the visibility is almost identical, just a clean white instead of that yellow halogen blah. I did the high beams only because it looked like lemonade when I'd turn on my high beams and I couldn't stand it.
  11. Mishimoto intake screws/bolts rusting?

    I got the new bolts, but they didn't have any coating on them, just bare metal. I hit them with a few coats of 1500 degree engine heat paint in black, hopefully they hold up.
  12. Mishimoto intake screws/bolts rusting?

    ...anyway... Mishimoto is sending me new bolts while they look into the issue further.... Thanks Diamaan
  13. Mishimoto intake screws/bolts rusting?

    You don't paint over rust.... I don't think I should have to explain this.
  14. Mishimoto intake screws/bolts rusting?

    well I got a response.... "Ted, Thank you for the pictures. I am certainly sorry that the bolts rusted on you but it does happen from time to time. The main issue being that you live in an area like mine where we get a lot of snow and salt that accelerates the rust. I would recommend just...
  15. Mishimoto intake screws/bolts rusting?

    I just sent them an email so we'll see soon... I know I was one of the first to get one so maybe it's just a quality control issue
  16. Mishimoto intake screws/bolts rusting?

    Just noticed this... Anyone else have this issue? Just the screws/bolts starting to rust...