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  1. Sirius XM subscription

    I also had the entire year offered for around $50 (but this was two years ago) it only happened after receiving a few offers in the mail that kept on decreasing in price ... but I learned that if you push for the top level of "customer care" you'll get a great deal. If you don't like satellite...
  2. Your Dont need a Volume Knob!

    "Just use the controls on the steering wheel like a normal person" ... maybe ... if the steering wheel control was the same as an Acura. It still does not justify their removal of a volume knob from the display. If you like it, great! It doesn't mean Honda didn't make a mistake. They could...
  3. what no volume knob...big deal....

    LOL, exactly. That's why Honda has adapted the CRV back to a volume knob. ;-)
  4. Official RALLYE RED Civic Thread

    Thanks, Pic you took of the side is approx. at a 45 angle to the front, ... could you take another one at a similar angle looking towards the back (catching some of the rear honeycomb) and maybe one right along the side from rear fender to front? Do the HDR pics you posted look pretty true to...
  5. Infotainment System... Officially a lemon!

    Hatchback and Rayve, You are entitled to your opinion ... and I am sure you love the touch screen vs the physical knob, but fyi, your tone sounds arrogant. Please take a moment to read this well written comment posted on another thread by Xenu. There is a wee bit of a difference between a...
  6. Test drove a 2017 Civic Hatchback Sport 6MT - Review

    Hey, Maybe the the sluggish feeling was turbo lag? I've also driven the 2.4 L accord & it is nicely tuned for what it is, and non turbo as well. Of course they both will lack the power of the 335 coupe. Our opinions can only be formed by our past ... the turbo lag in the hatch is actually...
  7. Official RALLYE RED Civic Thread

    Chubbz, no red hatchbacks up here yet ... so keep the outdoor natural light pics coming if you have time! The red looks awesome in this pic. It looks like the conditions were still overcast after the rain? I hope you didn't have any filters on your camera. Have you had a chance to compare...
  8. POV driving a 6 speed manual Sport hatch

    LOL, driving like that will get you a healthy dose of traffic tickets. Good Luck!
  9. Official LUNAR SILVER METALLIC Civic Thread

    Hey, was that a cvt or manual?
  10. Official AEGEAN BLUE Civic Thread

    Hey Varmint, those rims look great with the winter tires --- sure beats plain old steelies ... well done! What brand/model/size is that rim? Thanks
  11. Infotainment without volume knob

    Yep, but I don't need carplay and I don't live in -40 weather. I've never felt a need for heated cloth seats. To each their own ... First World problems..... :-0
  12. Performance using regular gas in Sport

    Owners manual says recommended
  13. Where are the Manuals?

    Hi, Oh, ... I didn't realize yeesh, (I only really read the post fr. Road and Track & was mostly responding to that) yep that's not good ... dangerous obviously. :-(
  14. Where are the Manuals?

    Personally, the comment fr. Road and Track only matters if you are constantly at red-line. Whomever is driving like that ... might be better off buying a car for the track or Go-karting. I don't understand why someone would do that with a car designed primarily as an energetic commuter with...
  15. Infotainment without volume knob

    Before I buy (still comparison shopping) I'm investigating putting in a single din that runs separately ---old school ---not connected to the steering wheel. The Honda display will simply be for everything that is not audio. There are single din head units that have satellite radio, cd, aux...
  16. Wav files, can the system read them without issue?

    Possibly, I'm not an expert in this area ... just wanting as close to original CD as possible. Any suggestions?
  17. Wav files, can the system read them without issue?

    Hello to all of you tech guru's. Well, I'm going to try a test drive this week to see how the new hatch reads my USB. Has anyone been using WAV files, and have there been any issues? thanks for your time.
  18. Infotainment System... Officially a lemon!

    You make a great point here. My brother in-law worked as a tech at Nortel and they had a wireless unit (I don't know what it was, but it was big time)... worth over $30 000 and they were having issues in the field. Customers were very upset and they had several emergency meetings of engineers...
  19. Infotainment System... Officially a lemon!

    LOL actually I was LOL at your political response. You are correct I am ticked off with Honda's entertainment system. I am being 100% honest about their dumb ass system and the idea that major mistakes are acceptable with a 1/40th of a million dollar vehicle. You are correct that issues...
  20. Infotainment System... Officially a lemon!

    LOL, you should be a politician ... redirecting the question. I have no idea if he has, but that doesn't change the fact Honda should take a "wee bit" more pride in their infotainment system. I wonder why they don't have more pride in their infotainment system in the lower end vehicles...