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  1. HKS Hypermax IV GT (Hatchback Touring)

    Hi guys, the hks kit has just arrived and I would like to mount it as soon as possible but I have a couple of doubts and I need your help. In the back, the ride height adjuster should be mounted above or below the spring? I do not understand where to pass the adjustment cable, do you have any...
  2. RV6 Catted Downpipe/Front pipe now available!

    It this compatible with ark performance exhaust?
  3. RV6 vs PRL Motorsports Downpipe?

    Is it necessary to change the electronics without catalyst? Are them compatible with ark performance exhaust?
  4. Jonnys Honda Sport Touring Build Thread

    How many ohm is the resistor? Have you a photo of your work?
  5. Anyone installed aftermarket seats?

    Does anyone know the correct number of ohms for the resistor? 2 ohms is right?