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  1. Varis/JDM Build Thread

    Nice build. Forgive me because I didn't go through all the pages on your thread, but where can I get that carbon piece on your rear bumper?
  2. The FK8 Wiki: Tuning and technical info

    This post needs to be shared on the FK8 FB groups and stickied there too. :catfight:
  3. FS: Desmond Regamaster 18x10 +50 5x120

    Are these from the new release from ICB?
  4. FACE LIFT TYPE R SPOTTED? Check out the pic. What do you think?

    I’m late to the party. What was the leaked info? lol
  5. Interior Rear Window Shade

    Sweet! Gotta get this for sure!
  6. The Great Shifter Debate

    What's better for daily driving?
  7. LED dome light

    It's not as bright as the TypeRLEDs kit though. But I love that it's OEM and that it has the cool blue light lol
  8. Rallye Red Mirror Caps...CHEAP

    Will I be able to reuse the caps that are taken off with broken tabs?
  9. LED dome light

    I noticed that like 3 of the leds on my TypeRLEDS dome lights stays dim as well. It irritated me so I replaced it with the Honda Access one. lol
  10. Civic Type R - 5 seat conversion

    Awesome! Thanks for this. Will be a project for me in the future, for sure.
  11. Recommended washing technique?

    I do mine the exactly the same way. :bow: If I'm low on time, I skip the foaming and just use a strong flow of water to loosen the dirt on the body.
  12. Varis Arising-II full front bumper incoming

    Doesn't look as good as the prototype. lol
  13. Blitz parts for CTR(in the works)

    I would imagine RHDJapan would also be able to ship anything Blitz out for an interested buyer.
  14. Are Type R’s showing up more on lots now?

    More than when they first came out, yes. lol
  15. What to do.....advice/suggestions welcome

    A car is car. It's not your life. Take care of your health first. Wish you the best!
  16. Varis fitment

    Still can't believe those flares are $500.... :(