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  1. Throttle body coupler diameters

    A little late but Dream Automotive came out with a replacement coupler recently:
  2. Handkraftd Steering Wheel

    For anyone else interested, more just hit eBay:
  3. Handkraftd Steering Wheel

    It looks pretty identical to me. I will let you know in a week or so when mine gets delivered. Also, if you do decide to get one and feel like selling your stock wheel, there is a guy on Facebook who buys them for ~$140. His name is Aaron Shin and he is part of the Civic FK8 Type R Owners group.
  4. Window Visors Ideas

    Honda has OEM ones:
  5. Handkraftd Steering Wheel

    This just hit eBay today: While I would rather have the all leather, I picked one up anyways and...
  6. My review of Invidia R400 exhaust.

    I’ve had mine on for about 600 miles and the drone definitely went down over time. Not saying it isn’t obnoxious at times but I enjoy mine.
  7. Handkraftd Steering Wheel

    I check on a daily basis and all the sellers say is “put a watch on it for when they come back in stock”. If I do see them, I’ll post in the thread (after I pick one up of course)
  8. Suma Performance Convex Mirrors

    For those looking to get some OEM replacement convex side mirrors (not just stick ons like Spoon), I highly recommend the Suma Performance mirrors. Just installed them on my Type R and I love them. I can see sooooo much more with my side mirrors now and I highly recommend them. I picked mine up...
  9. Smoke in Engine Bay After Downpipe Installe

    When I wrapped my front pipe, I had white smoke for at least the first 25-50 miles and then it went away
  10. Ohio WTB: OEM Type R Exhaust.

    I have one with less than 1200 miles on it. It is split into 2 pieces though since it wouldn’t fit into the Type R as one. I’m based out of Wisconsin but have family in Illinois so I don’t mind the drive. Let me know if you want some pics.
  11. WTB PRL Turbo Inlet Pipe for HVI

    Just realized now that you wanted the inlet pipe with the HVI attachment and not the PRL HVI intake itself... Well I feel stupid lol
  12. WTB PRL Turbo Inlet Pipe for HVI

    Are you sure you are talking about the PRL HVI for the Civic Type R? I just got off the phone with Chris and they said they have a backlog of pending orders for the product and I am third on the list...
  13. WTB PRL Turbo Inlet Pipe for HVI

    When did you order from MAPerformance? I ordered mine 2 months ago and it hasn’t even been shipped yet...
  14. sold

    What would be the cost for both shipped to 53037?
  15. Handkraftd Steering Wheel

    I saw on some random site that they had labeled one as a Type R/CR-V but wasn’t 100% sure if it would work. Might have to bite the bullet and go for it
  16. Handkraftd Steering Wheel

    The only thing I hate about the Buddy Club is the logo at the bottom. If it didn’t have that, I’d be all over it.
  17. Handkraftd Steering Wheel

    Does anyone know where I can pick up a Handkraftd Steering Wheel in full leather? Not opposed to the hydrodip one but I can’t seem to find them anywhere. All of the eBay links I can find around the forum have ended.