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  1. Success!!! Steering volume swipe in an '18

    So for muting you do a quick swipe up? Any Type R owners try this?
  2. How to access ground bolt behind interior fuses

    Im having the same problem trying to ground the cable for the wireless charger install. I found another bolt that was easier to access but not sure if it is grounded.
  3. DIY - Wireless charger install

    I wish I saw this before I started my install.. I think i'm around 4 hours now but it's 100+ degrees outside so I am doing it in spurts. I'm currently stuck on trying to find a ground. I see where it shows on the instructions but it seems to be out of reach with so many obstacles I the way. I...
  4. CTR Car Covers

    Is there instructions on how to wash the car covers?
  5. Spare Tire for Type R

    I think the Civic Sport tray might fit.
  6. Spare Tire for Type R

    Where did you guys place the jack for the spare? I tried to wedge it between the tire and the back but it didn’t fit, so I pit it inside the side panel that holds the funnel. I just hope it doesn’t make a metal to metal clanking sound when I hit bumps.
  7. Spare Tire for Type R

    how do you remove the old cover? I can’t get those hook things off.
  8. Civic Type R Model 1:43

    I ordered it maybe an hour after you did lol.
  9. Civic Type R Model 1:43

    Ha!! I wish I could. That would of been awesome.
  10. Civic Type R Model 1:43

    Look what just arrived!! Sooo tiny .
  11. Civic Type R Model 1:43

    How long before you got a confirmation for your order?
  12. Civic Type R Model 1:43

    Has anyone else been able to replicate the order? I will try tomorrow. fingers crossed.... Too bad no PMM :(
  13. Spare Tire for Type R

    How did you get it for $338? Did you order local at your shop? Ordering with tax shipped to my location is almost $500 bucks. Edit** Ordered local through honda estore! no shipping cost if delivered to your local dealer. Comes out to ~$330 with tire. =)
  14. Aftermarket (including Winter) Wheel Center cap Solution

    Looks great!! Where did you get the black lug nuts? I would like to change my chrome ones out.
  15. Oops 87 octane

    Nooooooo!!! Why put that poison in your baby? Well, at least I know I am not alone in accidently filling it up with the lowest Octane. Are you from Oregon? I ended up driving around on the freeway to use up the fuel... Check out the awesome MPG!!
  16. Steering Wheel Button Quality

    I agree with the the downgrade in quality. I am coming from an 08 Si and it isn't missing buttons like the Type R.. I wish there wasn't the blank spots on it. Oh well.
  17. Steering Wheel Question

    Looks like i'm not the only one that has the problem. I noticed it after I drove the car home from the dealership... My steering wheel has the H facing 11 o'clock but drives straight. If I center the steering wheel I will be driving to the right lol.
  18. Civic Type R After-market Wheel Guide

    Joined the Rey2300 and StealthyK club with the Enkei Raijin 19 and Continental All seasons. They feel great!! Special thanks to Thawk as well for the center cap adapters. Just waiting for my shipment of the Center caps.