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  1. Eventuri Intake Feedback

    I'm not sure to be honest...I just installed what was provided.
  2. Official Aegean Blue Type R Picture Thread

    I still love my mine. :)
  3. Mod your ACT Sensor And Gain HP?!

    ok, I'll be checking mine very soon :0
  4. FS: SOLD...

    Sorry these are sold. I'll update the title accordingly. thanks :)
  5. Need opinion on price of 2019 R

    I think there are less grinding for the 18, as I remember reading some 18's with small amount of grinds...but don't not remember reading any about 19's grinding. So maybe something got changed or fixed in 19, but I'm really sure. The rest forum member maybe know more..
  6. Need opinion on price of 2019 R

    I have 7 grinds in 2-years...some other R owners no grind, and some a lot of grinds. For me, no grind for past 1.5 years. hope this helps.
  7. Need opinion on price of 2019 R

    yes, there is always a way or another, dealer will get pay.
  8. Need opinion on price of 2019 R

    #1 is important...when trading for a CTR, dealer will try to squeeze on the trade-ins too.
  9. Need opinion on price of 2019 R

    OP don't listen this might get punch in the face if you ask for $4k discout :) that's a great deal you have on the screen already. This guy is a joke...he probably has one of those pine tree hanging from his rear view what a joker...MSRP OTD...
  10. If you sold or traded your R and had an extended warranty...

    uh, that is 2-wheels for the mustang :)
  11. Mod your ACT Sensor And Gain HP?!

    Right on brother! I'm starting to do all the installation research now, so these tips are very helpful :) probably do this ACT surgery same time too and will definitely report back. :D Navy Blue Angles are also flying, so :patriot::patriot::patriot:
  12. Mod your ACT Sensor And Gain HP?!

    I've only ordered the PCV, so I'll probably circle back for the CCV.
  13. Mod your ACT Sensor And Gain HP?!

    for the life of me, I couldn't figure out the difference between CCV and PCV (thought they are the same, just different name), so I just went with PCV, which I think stands for Positive Crack case Ventilation (and CCV, is Crack Case Ventilation?)...hoping someone can clarify this for me...maybe...
  14. Mod your ACT Sensor And Gain HP?!

    another forum member has posted that his sensor is bone dry, and he thinks it could be the catch can that was installed. I've ordered mine immediately!
  15. New Type R owner! What to expect?!

    lucky ass boy friend!! :) congrats to your boy friend :D j/k-ing
  16. Mod your ACT Sensor And Gain HP?!

    Hey guys, I have one question, and this may be a blanket question: If there is no CEL after the mod, does that mean the engine is still running within the Honda / Flashpro parameters, as such there is really no concerns?
  17. How much did you pay for your Type R?

    No I actually offered $5k to a dealer in New Mexico, then flew out to drive it home. I didn't want to waste time of $5k... EDIT: some people are just full of talk and full of shit! yes, I personally called to offer $5k over. :) EDIT V2: Some people likes to one-up other people without proof :)...