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  1. 3 stock tires for sale

  2. 3 stock tires for sale

    Bump still for sale
  3. SoCal CW 2017 Civic Type R for sale #298

    no these are the stock size 245/30/20
  4. SoCal CW 2017 Civic Type R for sale #298

    Thanks man!! The P4s are For sure better! I dont know why they didnt put these on in the first place! Very grippy and doesnt pick up all the rocks as much like the contis
  5. SoCal CW 2017 Civic Type R for sale #298

    Just put on New Michelin Pilot Sport 4 s Tires!
  6. Goodbye to my CTR!!

    Damn im in the same exact boat! Lots of driving and constantly getting in and out. I put up my R for sale but its sooooo hard to let go! Congrats on the new Ridgeline!
  7. 3 stock tires for sale

    i have 3 Stock tires for sale if anyone is looking for a spare replacement tire. 2 have about 8000 miles and 1 has about 5k miles but has been patched from nail. Will upload pics soon. Asking $200
  8. [DELETE!] WTB: Newish OEM Continental Tire(s) 245/30R20

    Ill have one tire by the end of the week

    SSRs still for sale? If so anyway to meet halfway from Los Angeles?
  10. WTB: Stock wheel/tires in SoCal

    Hmmm I actually might be up there for work next month. I’ll send you a DM to see if you still have them
  11. WTB: Stock wheel/tires in SoCal

    How much for all four?
  12. WTB: Stock wheel/tires in SoCal

    anybody parting out their set of stock wheels? Looking for a spare or 2
  13. SoCal CW 2017 Civic Type R for sale #298

    Up for sale is my 2017 Civic Type R in Championship White. Completely stock and always garaged. No dents or curb rash etc. Photos and details here: Clean title in perfect condition. Comes with the...
  14. How long will the Civic Type R Be produced?

    If the CTR Continues production what the hell was the point of badge numbering these! Guessing they are going to make 99,999 of these lol. 20,000 CTRs per year distributed worldwide
  15. Are you still getting attention?

    Had 2 girls today give me the thumbs up. 1 while i was driving and the other at trader joes :)
  16. Hit the rev limiter... oops!

    Like others have said its completely safe. It used to scare me also like im about to blow the motor but Honda set the limiter to be in the safe zone
  17. Pushing out all/last of the MY2018

    Some of those are also Regular hatchbacks
  18. SoCal sightings Thread

    Saw a PMM today leaving Hondata in Torrance today!
  19. SoCal sightings Thread

    Where ya at So Cal?!?