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  1. Winter Tires on Civic Sport Hatch 2017

    Hello! Just ordered some Michelin X-Ice winter tires to take advantage of a sale, but with all the advice from everyone I've gone ahead and downsized from an 18" to a 16". My official tire size is 215/55/R16. Now, I've heard some mixed things - I've heard the body on the LX and the Sport are...
  2. Buying secondhand Takeda CAI

    Hey guys, Looking to purchase a Takeda CAI from a guy, however there are some things I'm wary about. The previous guy bored out the hole for the MAF sensor as he had an SI (bigger sensor). It's originally supposed to be for a hatch, however he MacGyver'd it. Will this be an issue for me since...
  3. Civic Hatchback 2017 Sport Oil Filter + Cabin Air Filter

    Hey guys, I've read some of the previous threads on here about oil filters - it seems the OEM A01 oil filters are the consensus for replacement filters. I'm actually planning to do the oil changes on my own at home, and it's a little hard to find the OEM A01 out here in Canada. I've seen good...
  4. Bumper road rash - Civic 2017 Hatchback Sport

    Hey guys, Had my first experience as this is my first "low" car... got some bumper road rash and was wondering how easy would it be to fix this by sanding it and using a paint correction pen from Honda? Do they have a pen for this colour specifically?
  5. Remove front fake vents without taking the bumper off

    Anyone happen to have a part number for the clip in case it gets broken?
  6. Splash Guards - 2017 Civic Hatchback Sport

    Hey, thanks for the detailed reply with pictures! This helps a bunch and further confirms that it looks great with white, as mine is also white 😄
  7. DIY: Front/Rear Dashcam & Hardwire Install on '17 Hatchback

    Part number is 91560-SZW-003. Did this on the weekend using this guide and it was a great resource. Broke three clips though, so there's that..
  8. Splash Guards - 2017 Civic Hatchback Sport

    So I've read up on many threads here that say that there are two main part numbers for splash guards and there is some cutting/drilling involved. The two part numbers are: 08P00-TGG-100 08P00-TGG-100A Could anyone give some advice as to which ones are the right fit for a 2017 Civic Hatchback...
  9. 2017 Civic Hatchback LED Headlights

    Had a question - I know lots of people here are recommending the SEALIGHT Xenower X2 H11 bulbs, however Amazon keeps telling me it's not a fit for my 2017 Hatchback Sport. As far as I know, it's an H11 bulb and should fit despite what Amazon tells me.. right? Link to bulbs