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  1. Full circle...

    I think I win the award for the "weirdest car to go to"... Nah but forreal, if money wasn't a concern it'd be hard for me to find a real upgrade to the CTR that's similar to it. If I got a Porsche I'd probably opt for the PDK - it's just too good. There's really not many cars that can drive...
  2. Nearly 4 months since I sold my CTR... thoughts/reflections

    You have two special cars haha - the FK8 AND an NSX. I still couldn't imagine being without mine but it's been much easier than I thought to be honest. I very much so considered getting a hybrid, but I couldn't find any I could vibe with (to be honest I considered a Prius because I do like...
  3. Nearly 4 months since I sold my CTR... thoughts/reflections

    Money wise I'm doing pretty good. I was never really broke, it was just the payment wouldn't do well with future expenses. Yeah I think nothing will come close to my R, but I eventually want to get another one. I don't see that happening for quite some time though, since the resale value is...
  4. Nearly 4 months since I sold my CTR... thoughts/reflections

    Test drove one. If I could've afforded one I would've bought it. Very comfy, interior is top notch, and it handles exceptionally well with Mazda's AWD system. The automatic is no slouch either. Don't have room for 2 cars
  5. Nearly 4 months since I sold my CTR... thoughts/reflections

    Hell yeah man, I did take a small break from here, but I'm back. It's a much better place than being on Twitter lately. :p
  6. Nearly 4 months since I sold my CTR... thoughts/reflections

    As most of you know, I got rid of my CTR about 4 months ago due to various reasons and traded it in on a 2017 Mazda3 hatchback. Well, I just wanted to take some time to reflect on the experience and what it's been like without it. First, to get the biggest question out of the way... I...
  7. 2021 Hyundai Elantra

    I've heard several reviewers say the Veloster N is not a better car than the Type R, but it is more fun. In some ways I've heard the same about the WRX STI. However, as I've said before, Hyundai is killing it and I can't wait to see the final product.
  8. its time to move back is killing me

    My Mazda3 with manual lumbar adjustment has been a world of difference for me on longer drives. Even after 3 hours I barely have any pain, compared to the pain I had with my Type R seats. No lumbar cushion seemed to help in my Type R. Guess it just wasn't made for me.
  9. My Civic Si was stolen this morning

    ^This! I don't have my Civic anymore but I'm still here!
  10. Dream Car

    Not counting any super/hypercars, mine are: - Mercedes AMG C63 Black Series - BMW M5 F10 generation - Audi RS3 Supercar is the NC1 Acura NSX. Childhood dream car is a C6 Corvette Z06. I thought about one as a second car and I might be able to pull it off in a few years now that I have my Mazda.
  11. 11th gen 2022 Civic sedan first official teaser! Concept debuts next week.

    It does. But the rest of the car has an Audi vibe to it, especially from the taillights. Now I'm very interested in the reveal.
  12. 11th gen 2022 Civic sedan first official teaser! Concept debuts next week.

    Admin update: collage image added. Discuss @ -- Original post: Saw it on Twitter this morning. Apparently they will reveal it during a Twitch stream. Here's the official...
  13. CTR Pros and Cons... Worth the price?

    Pros: Ridiculous handling. I mean the car handles like it's on rails. Very very potent engine. You have to rev it out but as long as you have traction, the thing just wants to pull all day long. Wild looks. Can also be a con, depending on who you are. Good fuel economy. I averaged roughly 27...
  14. CTR Long Distance Comfort

    One of the reasons I got rid of mine was I had very little long distance comfort in the car. However, I may be an outlier. For me the seats were comfy but lacked so much support for my back. Also, the cabin is really loud since there's far less NVH dampening materials compared to the regular Civic.
  15. Thanks Carvana

    Wasn't suiting me anymore. Wanted something more relaxing and easier to drive. Also dropped my monthly payment by over half of what it was.
  16. Why isn't brake hold on by default?

    Since my CTR was my first stick shift vehicle, I appreciated brake hold immensely at the start... then it broke for about 11 months out of nowhere... thankfully I learned how to get by without it. Once I got it fixed though I always used it, every drive.
  17. Realistically what could I sell my 2020 R for?

    I used to think this way... thinking I wouldn't be able to enjoy any other car like my Type R. Once I got over it though, I found that I was overthinking things. I found out there's other ways of enjoying a car than just raw driving feel. I will say though, doubt I will find anything that drove...
  18. Realistically what could I sell my 2020 R for?

    My sister has two young boys and she struggles to fit everything in her Santa Fe Sport, which has twice the cargo capacity my CTR did, so I can understand the sentiment with needing more space. Not to mention, a quieter and more calm ride usually is better for kids than one filled with road...
  19. 2020 Civic Type R Reviews Compilation

    Basically means manufacturers are moving away from cars like these - manual only, hatchback, aggressive tuning, gas only motor, statement car. When the 11th gen comes out it's probably going to have some sort of hybrid system most likely.
  20. Anyone taking the time to head outdoors for fall foliage?

    That's where I was at last Wednesday and Friday!