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  1. Si vs GTI vs N

    Not to revive a dead old thread...but.... Everyday Driver just released the full comparison video on YouTube.
  2. What's everyone's miles looking like?

    Lol new or used? And for what price?
  3. Toyota drivers suck!

    Toyota's sell mostly because of their reliable reputation, but they are only reliable because they refuse to innovate and evolve. Their cars feel 10 years older than their competition, they are boring to drive compared to there competition, and are mostly A-B appliances. Even when they try to...
  4. Sunroof gap. Update in original post.

    I don't care that you said you didn't want to talk about it, why the hell would you agree to come out of pocket for a factory defect on a brand new car covered under warranty?? Must have some money to throw away, if so I've got some "charity" in my name you can donate to. Edit: Or are you...
  5. I Don’t Like My 2020 Civic Si Coupe

    This is bizzare to me. I have driven a lot of performance cars, I'll name a few.. Porshe Boxter S, STI, Veloster N, Miata Club, BRZ, Stinger, Polaris Slingshot, JCW, Grand Sport Vette, ZL1 Camaro, GT350, Model S Performance, GTI, G70 etc I can go on and on..driving performance cars in my free...
  6. My brother's Sport Hatchback Touring 6MT vs my Civic Si

    Good catch guys, the pictures I posted were the pics the dealership sent me letting me know my brother's car had arrived but they accidentally sent me a base Sport HB because it came in at the same time as my brother's Sport HB Touring, exact same color spec..but I can confirm that my brother...
  7. Been looking at some used Si's

    I get a letter just about every other month from a local Honda dealership practically begging me to sell my 2017 Si..I feel like I'm driving an ultra rare performance car or something with the way they are throwing themselves at me lol. They can keep begging because she ain't leaving my driveway...
  8. Still here after 2 years of Si ownership

    How many miles do you have on it, and any issues so far?
  9. My brother's Sport Hatchback Touring 6MT vs my Civic Si

    I dont know lol. Funny story, he's not really a car guy and just really learned how to drive a manual about 2 weeks before he bought his Sport Touring 6mt. I guess he saw how much fun I was having in my Si and asked me to teach him 😄
  10. Still here after 2 years of Si ownership

    I love my 2017 Si, I have had her brand new since August 8th 2017 when I signed on the dotted line. I can honestly say I love her now than I did almost 3 and a half years ago...the memories, the experiences, the histories that we've made together. As far as the 2020's go, I prefer the...
  11. Going to the track with a Civic Sport

    Lol that was awesome
  12. Going to the track with a Civic Sport

    And look at how close it is to the STI Type RA on that same track by that same racecar driver. And the base Civic is supposed to "terrorize" an Si. What a joke 😄
  13. Going to the track with a Civic Sport

    You are absolutely delusional! There is absolutely no track, circuit, or streets that a base civic will be able to compete with an Si, NONE. 50 short lived horse power? Lol you're joking right? You can't really be this delusional. Your car is nothing but an econo-box designed to compete against...
  14. My brother's Sport Hatchback Touring 6MT vs my Civic Si

    So after a nearly 2 month search my brother has finally acquired a brand new 2021 Hatchback Touring Sport 6 speed manual transmission. This car is so rare that after a 2 month statewide search we acquired one of only two 2021's in Texas for the rest of the year. *Little side note for those of...
  15. Anyone else having amazing luck with their Civic?

    A little off topic, but I never till this day understand people who buy American vehicles outside of maybe their muscle/sports cars (Mustangs, Corvette, Challengers etc). Other brands just build much better quality vehicles.
  16. Why I Bought 2021 Sport Touring Hatch 6MT

    He changed his mind lol. He's looking for a comfortable, fun, and crossover like spacious cruiser, this checks all the boxes for him.
  17. Why I Bought 2021 Sport Touring Hatch 6MT

    My brother is actually in the market for the Touring Hatch Sport 6mt, it is proving very hard to find. According to the dealerships here they are a unicorn. How easy was it for you to locate yours?
  18. Si vs. Forte GT vs. GLI

    Me 😒
  19. Si vs. Forte GT vs. GLI

    Wth are you talking about? The 17-19 Si's also need that third shift to hit 60MPH. So maybe it is you who doesn't know any different. BTW does anybody know if the Type R needs two shifts to 60mph?
  20. Si vs. Forte GT vs. GLI

    Because the other car has leather seats and an adjustable headrest duh