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  1. My Civic EX-L -STERLING-

    More projects today!!!!!!!
  2. My Civic EX-L -STERLING-

    Lol its a book with drink recipes.
  3. My Civic EX-L -STERLING-

    Also worked on the E36 a bit. New radio and speakers. Also re-dyed my rear panel from faded purple, back to black. Taillights are arriving later today and I may dye my headliner black as well. Windows have also been retinted.
  4. My Civic EX-L -STERLING-

    Just got my clear sidemarkers.
  5. Official COSMIC BLUE Civic Thread

    Mine is currently a lease as well. I think I'll buy it out though.
  6. My Civic EX-L -STERLING-

    Did a little work on my project car!!!! Replaced the valve cover gasket, spark plugs, fixed a vacuum leak, and cleaned the throttle body and icv. I've also taken a few steps in my cosmetic mods. New corner lights up front. New badges all around, led interior lighting, did some restoring work...
  7. Checking Tire Pressure via Headunit

    Honda uses an indirect tire pressure monitoring system on this car. It doesn't have pressure sensors so they don't have a number to display. They use the wheel speed sensor to determine if one tire is rotating differently than the rest to indicate a tire losing pressure. I hate this system...
  8. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Car wash and removed the silver trim pieces i bought for the inside vents and door handles. They didn't look that good and the rear handle trim didn't fit properly.
  9. My Civic EX-L -STERLING-

    A nice day for a car wash!!!
  10. My Civic EX-L -STERLING-

    Installed the catch can as well!
  11. Official COSMIC BLUE Civic Thread

    A few trim pieces I added. The rear piece was a little too autozone for my taste so I toned it way down. I'm still not completely sold on the fog lights brow. It seems a bit much as well.
  12. My Civic EX-L -STERLING-

    I fixed that mess of a rear end chrome!!!!!! Once it completely cures I'll do some touch up since I peeled a bit too much off in spots. On a side note, I've also been working on the bummer. I've swapped out the front corner lights for black and clear ones to match the rest of the...
  13. My Civic EX-L -STERLING-

    Well, as I expected, the rear chrome surrounds are a bit much. I used a bit of vinyl to see how I could make it look a bit better. I think I'll try some plastidip as it will be extremely difficult to form the vinyl properly in the spots I want it to lay. If that fails I'll remove them...
  14. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    I'm considering getting this. I always like it when the car has a sunglass holder.
  15. My Civic EX-L -STERLING-

    This one has been great so far. A nice side project.