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  1. MAPerformance - Pushing the stock block to 11.07 at 130mph

    Great, genuine and very detailed video. Thanks for sharing.
  2. PRL Motorsports - Our Journey So Far Into the 10's

    Thank you for the innovation and continued support for the platform. I look forward to getting a kit here very shortly.... Transparency is key, and thank you guys for always being straight forward with results and build list etc etc.
  3. 10th Gen Civic 1/4 Mile Times

    Previous post was with VSA light option on, done several passes enough to know with different settings slips or not.... 60ft you are correct, my times have been dropping it was just my two most current runs that I don’t need have slips for .... Same response as above... Tbh, VSA advance will...
  4. 10th Gen Civic 1/4 Mile Times

    I just posted what I did... it helps but it also will slow down your MPH, got to mess with it and find your best setting...
  5. 10th Gen Civic 1/4 Mile Times

    Always is bro:thumbsup:... Here is a vid of me and @NeoDragons run. Announcer states left lane ain’t working so they ain’t announcing times for it at that time.
  6. 10th Gen Civic 1/4 Mile Times

    Update: Bested my previous best run of [email protected] to [email protected] at Honda Tech 05/19/19 This was with KTuner light VSA advance ignition pull back setting + pedal dance to eliminate the throttle pull back. I’m guessing the ignition pull back is what’s slowing my mph down as it’s trying...
  7. Myxal WTF Intake

    Have you looked into the FKX cold air / ram intake yet? It’s the same way just pulls from the fog light area. I somewhat understand your concept but there’s already a production ram style in the fkx. Just thought I’d share, maybe you have a different thing in mind
  8. Civic 1.5t Full Intercooler Kit $499.90 Shipped

    I see that the dimensions are nearly as identical to the PRL intercooler to include the meth port.... My biggest concern is that will the piping setup mesh and connect without any issue with the PRL big turbo kit?
  9. What is the smallest wheel we can fit up front?

    I looked at it... still debating if when I want to get serious and put down the best ET time at the track. But record holder for the platform is simply doing it with 17 inch wheels up front .... no need to downgrade .... plus I wonder how small that kit would look when you aren’t at the track...
  10. Rear Track vents now available 2016+ Sedan

    Please make them for the coupes....
  11. 27Won Performance Window Vent for FC3 Coupes & Si

    I’ve DM’ed @[email protected] awhile ago pleading to have their Windows Vent that they came out with for the sedan and sedan Si’s available for the FC3 coupes & Si’s. His response was he didn’t see a need for it for the coupes and that they currently don’t have access to a coupe to help mock up /...
  12. Best aftermarket exhaust?

    I’ll just leave this here ..... I went with @MAPerformance Race Exhaust:headbang:
  13. 10th Gen Civic 1/4 Mile Times

    Got a few runs in today with at @NeoDragons. Video below and mods below in description. Please like and subscribe :) 1st Run: 2nd Run:
  14. (Motor blew)PRL turbo kit with meth injection

    Damn, nice numbers bro. I wonder what’s the gain and difference going with the bigger .86 A/R. I know it’s just the beginning portion of the tuning process but very impressive. I’ll be following this thread/build closely. Thanks for sharing bro.
  15. HDMI vs Micro HDMI TIP

    Civic Si = 1080p Sports = 720p
  16. New wheels

    And you will definitely need to push up the tab on the front fenders
  17. New wheels

    That is gonna stick out a lot ... gonna need some camber
  18. KTuner Updates: Si Advanced VSA, 18 MY Map Switching, And More!

    Thank you very much for clarifying all.
  19. KTuner Updates: Si Advanced VSA, 18 MY Map Switching, And More!

    @KTuner what do you suggest to have settings at for 1/4 mile drag strip runs? Also, having VSA advanced being on. Do you still need to pedal dance to shut it off and this still work or doing pedal dance eliminates this completely? Again, for 1/4 mile drag strip runs @KTuner do I leave...